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Innocent wife turned slut

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My wife and I have been happily married for several years and have a very active sex life. We are perfectly matched, as I am a dominant and she is quite submissive. Although she is often shy, once she gets worked up she becomes a sex crazed a****l. It's a wonderful transformation to see and one I put to good use on a regular basis. This one particular weekend, I decided to give my wife a thrilling tease and told her I was taking her to an adult theater one state over where nobody would know either of us. Of course, I also told her she was going to wear what I told her and she would be blindfo… Read more

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469 viral bordom


469 viral bordom Another weary day in Virus-ville, shut in self isolating, the road outside quiet, no k**s, no traffic, no nobody. 10 days on his own, the postmaster thrusting mail, and a daily paper through the letterbox, a thing of milk and a loaf into the hall stand, along with stuff for the seven other flats. It was his only contact with the world. The poxy telly had gone duff, and he hadn’t hit it hard, well not by his standard`s anyway, his watch, one of those complicated ones that take a genius to change the battery, that had died. And he was fed up. The kettle luckily still worked, but… Read more

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Again this is an episode some while back in my life. At the time wife Sarah and I lived in Hertfordshire with our very young c***dren Rick and Christina, myself working mostly nights in London which meant communicating via train, my wife doing temporary office work while the c***dren were in school. I met Martin when fishing on the nearby River Lea one afternoon with seven year old Rick who Wasn,t all so keen on angling. Martin and I liked each other right away and I asked him to visit as he lived within a short distance. Martin was a widower having lost his wife a few years before in a tragic… Read more

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First uncut cock

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My first time with a thick skinned uncut cock was when I was f******n I would go to a park where old men would pick up Gurls like me and boys and real girls as well. An older man approached me one evening he extended his hand to me. I took it and we walked down the path to a secluded spot that I used. it had a picnic table and bench. I was wearing my normal style short pleated skirt, petticoat, stockings, garter belt, panties, bra, blouse short "bob" cut wig, makeup and of course my signature pink glossed lips. He asked how old I was, I smiled as always and told him and "don't worry mister I… Read more

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Part 3, Pinky, the wife, and sex


Part 3 The sun rose up, breaking through the blinds in the living room. I had slept on the love seat, still naked. I took a minute to wake up and look around. The TV was on but, but static as the cable box turns off after several hours. The lights in the living room were off, and so was the kitchen. I looked at the couch to see a blanket but no Pinky. I did see a note on the coffee table next to the couch. No clothes, and no sign of her. I knew she left for now, and the note was by her. I reached for my phone. It had several messages. Three were from my wife, and one from my job. The last one… Read more

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The new leather riding boots

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I could hear my Master´s phone ringing in the kitchen. Master was just finished in the bathroom after having showered. A quarter earlier, he had just fucked my sissy cunt deep and long. I was still strapped over the homemade rig that was built and adapted to be able to fix me in exactly the position Master wanted me. Wood and steel mixed, loops, leather straps, clasps, metal bars. Everything matched fully to fix me for his sadistic games containing everything from painful whippings to long and hard fucking sessions. It was about six months since Master conquered me. This was done through a co… Read more

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So this goes back a long while as I met her traveling the trains. I noticed this thick white girl not really going anywhere and decided to give it a try and talk to her. So I go up to her and say "What's up?" How ya doing? She replies with fine. So we start talking and and she tells me she has a job interview and she is just killing time so I asked if she would like some company? She said sure so we end up hanging out for most of the day from 10 am to 6pm. So I ask her what she does for fun and if she drinks or anything? She tells me I'm not even old enough to drink?? I said damn how old are y… Read more

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A weekend of guilty pleasure

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That weekend I will always remember. Or should I say will haunt me forever? The first time I travelled alone to a foreign country. An unknown city where I was about to study the creations of a famous architect. At the airport I was told my luggage was loaded onto another plane. So there I was…stranded with just my purse. Small enough to fit my phone, wallet and make up. Laptop, clothes, phone charger, extra money…. everything else was in my luggage. I couldn’t think clear anymore. I decided to take a taxi to my first destination. It was a long drive and the taxifare hit a huge gap in my… Read more

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Rincy having sex with 2 bus drivers

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Hi readers.. This is the most exciting experience of my good friend, Rincy, whom I helped to draft this blog. Enjoy..! I am Rincy, a happily married, working woman in Bangalore. I am 27, got married in 2016 to a kinky hubby who played a major role in fulfilling my dark fantasies. I love watching hot porn movies and erotic blogs and read many such blogs from various websites. It was my hubby who introduced me to the world of porn and sex blogs and later I got addicted to it. He keep telling me stories of threesomes, wife swaps, gang bangs, etc. etc. Initially, I just ignored thinking that tho… Read more

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YONI EGG TANTRA PRAXIS This introduction I wrote to my dear friend Niki in Austria, to give her some basic information and suggestions with the aim to get her going and enrich her feminine sexual energy.. The Tantra yoni exercises are developed through ages, and have a proven and exceptional result. First of all, if you do practice, you train the vaginal and vulvic area, which involves the first and second chakra, in which subtle but very powerfull energy can be awakened. As you know, the chakra’s are all interconnected, so this energy, sometimes called ‘chi’, is like a burning fire that enli… Read more

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My Geography teacher part 3 the build up


After our first amazing magical encounter in Mr Watson's storeroom after school the ine day, we carried on pretending on a daily basis that we just have a normal pupil teacher relationship in front of my fellow pupils and around his fellow teachers. But however over text messages we exchanged a number of flirtatious texts as we as sending each other naughty nude pictures as and when we could. It got me super horny, and I definitely was lust over him, wanting him to be deep inside me. A minor distraction over my handsome Geography teacher was the fact that I went for my driver's license and pa… Read more

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Oh Husband, Please Fuck Me!


It has been six days since the lockdown. This means it has been six days since I slept with any of my lovers. I miss their penises and crave for them. I desperately want to touch them, taste them and want to feel them inside me. Sadly, I can’t do any of tha… Read more

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I caught her eye across the room. Julie was in mid discussion with someone. Talking music and drums I imagine. I look at her, enjoying her figure, as she moves from foot to foot and participates in the discussion. Do they know what she isn’t wearing I wonder? Moving further around the room I place myself in her line of sight so that I catch her eye. Smiling I deliberately let my eyes rove over her body. She smiles and moves slightly so that I am more front on, still talking she turns slightly and shows me her silhouette. Lovely figure, nice breasts and butt. Very nice. Daring a little, I also… Read more

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Serva Claudia - from wife to slave 3


Chapter 3 The Contract I, the submissive servant and slave, with the chosen name of “Serva Claudia” hereby enter the services of my Master and Dominus, “Sir Ben” and agree to the terms laid out in the following documents. General Conditions The master will ensure that the slave is at no time in any physical or emotional danger and will ensure the slave’s wellbeing and health. Both parties have discussed the details of this contract and are in agreement the while this is not a legally binding document it will form the basis for their future relationship. The Master may suggest amendments t… Read more

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Serva Claudia - from wife to slave 2


Chapter 2 From Wife to Slave I woke up at just after 7 after a deep and sound sleep and went downstairs to fetch some coffee. If my wife was still willing to go through the changes we discussed last night than the least I can do is serve on her one last time. Being the start of a bank holiday weekend did make it easier to put my plans into place. Wondering what I would have done on a Monday, calling in sick at work - but for the whole week and being perfectly fine yesterday, chatting with my colleagues and boss on Facebook? Thoughts wondering I almost forgot about the coffee but quickly put… Read more

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Serva Claudia, from wife to slave 1


Chapter 1 Introduction We were married for several years now. Not a bad marriage but over time a certain routine, boredom would be the better word, has settled into our life and almost unknowingly moved into our bedroom. We still had sex and my wife was as naughty as ever, playing the submissive role, enjoying bondage and the occasional plug and dildo up her arse. But on most days we just went to bed, me first as I had to get up before her, with her working until late at night and then staying in bed until late morning. So the natural thing happened and I spent more and more time on the in… Read more

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Lock At Home

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I passed Saturday night without any smoke and drinks. I felt very alone as I stuck in my flat. Next day, Sunday, I thought about drinks, sudden an idea came in mind, I locked my flat and moved to the 601, I pressed the bell. Mr. Singh has opened the door and asked what happened Ravi, You need something or bored alone. He said to me, "come inside first." I moved inside, he drank as normal he did, he was living alone too. He had no family and he had own bar in his flat. I said, "Uncle, can I take some drink and smoke, if you give me." He said, "Why not dear, take a glass from kitchen and pic… Read more

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train fun.


This happened when I was 28, my marriage had been over for 3 months, I had moved to the Central Coast, 1 1/2 hrs train trip from Sydney/ Desperate for work I had taken a job in Sydney. It started on the return trip, a packed peak hour train vestibule, I found myself wedged into a corner by the press of bodies, I became aware of a tall, bearded, man behind me, pressing hard against me. resigned to the fact it was going to be an uncomfortable ride home, I let the rocking carriage lull me. then I felt his hand, just pressing at first, then squeezing, being jammed in made it hard to move, and by t… Read more

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My friend who knew what she wanted

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I was only 18 just started college I was having trouble with my girlfriend at the time since she was still in highschool (we were 1 year apart ) when I was in college I made a friend Lana . Lana was different she was a African American girl with a Emo attitude she was beautiful gorgeous and whenever I looked at her she was so sexy my cock got hard I felt it grow every time we talked or she touched me god I wanted her . By second semester me and my girlfriend broke up and I was trying to get into lanas pants we went to a cafe and she started telling me about how she only had sex with 1 person a… Read more

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Caught Step Sister Bating Next To Me And Fingered

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The bed shook softly, waking me from a light sleep in the bedroom of the cabin my family rented for the week in the Rocky Mountains. Next to me in the double bed lay my step sister, Ariel. I could hear her stuttered breathing. I was facing her direction, unsure how long I'd been sleeping. I barely opened my eyes just to establish what I thought was true. She was masturbating, the covers pulled all the way to her armpits, the tiny straps of her cami the only clothing I could see. Her shoulders were bare, her light brown hair spread in tendrils on all directions across the pillow. Her face was a… Read more

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