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THE PSYCHEDELIC SCIENCE OF ‘GOONING’ — OR MASTURBATING INTO A TRANCE Why get high when you could edge yourself for hours until you’ve merged souls with your own dick? Twitter Facebook Flipboard Pocket Copy Link Instagram Most of Reddit will tell you that edging is fantastic, but the real hardcore ’baters level up from there. The ones who travel furthest for self-pleasure say that, if they edge long enough, they fall into a mind-numbing trance where nothing matters but nutting. Only then can an edger truly claim to be “gooning.” GET THE BEST OF MEL “Smart and insightful reported features abo… Read more

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Bobby and Lee meet each other with me in the middl

AnalGroup SexGay Male

After I dressed up for Lee a few days later i dressed for Bobby. We would fuck and suck and i would dress up but i was watching more porn and was wanting to take it further. My step dad had a video in not with the others in the box under his bed it was in a shoe box in his closet I glued one day when I was getting some of my moms clothes to wear and Fuck Bobby. The shoe box had 2 videos in it Gangbang girl 9 and Backdoor Desires, condoms, lube, and a handcuffs with a key. I watched both movies and kept wanting to have a dick to suck and one in my ass at the same time. I was already fucking and… Read more

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Fly the Friendly Skies


We met in the airport, both waiting on a flight that had been delayed due to weather. The conversation was sprinkled with good chemistry and it was obvious that we hit it off right away. When finally left the plane, Susan and I exchanged phone numbers. Although we talked quite often since we both traveled a lot for our respective companies so it took a couple weeks before we could make a date. To celebrate our finally getting together, we decided on a dress-update at a very nice restaurant that she had always wanted to try. When I arrived at her apartment, she didn’t disappoint in the dress-up… Read more

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Mother of the groom


We're in our hotel room, getting ready to go to my wife's son's wedding. I always love watching her get dressed, especially when it's for a special occasion. She has a lot of beautiful clothes and wears them well. To the world at large she's the very model of a classy, well-dressed, intelligent professional woman. But take those clothes off and get her alone in bed and it's a different story! She puts on a pretty, lacy bra that makes her 40DDs sexier than ever. Pushes them together and pushes them up. Cleavage, much? Damn, I love those tits. Then it's a pair of sexy, black pantyhose. She noti… Read more

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Eliza Havering. Ch.6.

BDSMHardcoreGroup Sex

“I think we should start off with her on her back, don’t you? I know her usual style might be bent over the front of a car or upright in the nearest bus shelter, but we can do better than that.” “Neither of those two are my style either,” I replied, “but a standing fuck can be fun.” “We may try other positions at a later date but let us start off with something simple. Do you want her to give oral to begin with?” “That would be nice. I can check if she’s improved from last night.” As I spoke, I felt my dick twitch in anticipation. “You heard Duncan,” said Eliza, turning her attention to Sy… Read more

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The things I do for you


You take out a marker pen, push dark hair away and write it on my forehead. S L U T. I'm on my knees, looking up at you and your erection is already showing under your jeans. I'm wearing red lipstick because I know you like to see it marked on your shaft. White lace underwear because you like me in the colour of innocence. Black mascara because you like to watch it run down my high cheekbones. I take a few calming breaths in anticipation of what's to come, as you hand cups my chin and our eyes meet. You with that hungry smile. Me with the begging heart. You ask me what my job is, and I… Read more

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Camping at Lake Ford part 2


The next morning I awoke to the blissful smell of bacon and eggs. Mom and dad also had their coffee, After breakfast clouds rolled in. That's unexpected dad was disappointed he had planed to fish today. O well looks like where shopping, Mom said with excite. The day turned tedious when mom found a string of Amish shops. The storms rolled in and it rained torrents. Slowly Amish shop after shop the day passed we stopped and garbed fast food for dinner on why back to the campsite. The parking was swamped dad had set up on some high ground so our stuff was fine but getting there was a muddy mess.… Read more

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Good Grades (P4).

First TimeHardcore

Lucinda kissed her step Daughter on the mouth as I edged nearer to them. My massive cock jutted out in front of me a string of precum slowly dripped from the slit in my knob. Although Jacinda was kissing Lucinda passionately, her eyes were fixed on the b**st a few inches away from her face. Lucinda kissed her passionately and her hand moved further up Jacinda's thigh and Jacinda opened her legs a little further showing a tight, studded leather thong underneath the fishnets she wore. She gasped as Lucinda's fingertips pressed against her shaved mound. With her other hand, Lucinda began to squee… Read more

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Just dining at the Y?

Interracial SexFetishVoyeur

There's nothing like sending out for that special take out! Between my wife and the next door neighbor I've maintained a hard tongue for quite awhile. They both love to frequent the new night club and sample all those big black trouser snakes they can get in their sweet pussies. I do think it's a mutual thing though because nether come home to me unfilled to the brim with a generous filling of cream. My wife used to be shy not wanting her fresh fucked pussy cleaned of sex sauce, but now she seems to enjoy feeding me all that hot cream. The little hot Mexican girl has never been shy about havin… Read more

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Our Holiday In Devon


For me, 1980 is the year that will always stick out. Not only was that the year I turned 14. Every year, for as long as I can remember my mum and I would visit her best friend (Aunty Bronwen) form her school days down Pymouth in Devon. The first few days mum drove me around her home town, showing me what had changed since she was a young girl. Since this was before the internet, some of our plans changed on the fly. One day, during my second week there, we hit the beach and I had a hard time keeping my excitement hidden from staring at all the bikini clad girls on the beach. I kept having t… Read more

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After Our first night together

First TimeHardcore

written by LLG 2 Dec 2020 We fall asleep in a tangle of limbs. I get up to pee and when I come back I uncover your body. I get between your legs and take your cock into my mouth, I work my magick and make him hard. I bring your hands to my breasts to get my pussy dripping. Getting her ready for you to enter me; You are moaning, but your eyes are still closed. I am gentle with you, not being aggressive with my mouth. I am licking your shaft sucking hard when I reach your head .. swirling around the head with a gentle tug, you sigh deeply. He is hardening. Before sending you to the back of my t… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 92

Lesbian Sex

Once Kat and Kelly had left, Marie showered again and shaved her legs and pits. Jessica had promised to take her to the French restaurant in town for her birthday dinner, and she was very excited at the prospect of an evening alone with her mistress. After perfuming and powdering herself, Marie picked out her favorites from the new underwear she’d bought that day and tried on all of her new outfits before deciding on a simple cream-colored dress that flattered her curves nicely. Jessica appeared looking effortlessly chic in a black strapless number and, after complimenting Marie on how beauti… Read more

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Touching is One Thing, Sucking is Quite Another

Gay MaleMature

For some context, check these stories out: https://xhamster.com/stories/of-lawns-and-terrycloth-robes-10070777 and https://xhamster.com/stories/of-briefs-speedos-and-cumshots-10075883 Little did I expect my last summer before college to be a festival of seduction and handjobs from the rich, gay guy down the street. I mean, this honestly was just about making some cash cutting grass so I'd have beer money freshman year in my dorm. Instead, it's turned into nearly 24/7 fantasizing about what the next Friday would bring, and how much of a volcanic orgasm I'd have at this slim, tanned man's ha… Read more

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Caged up by uncle on xmass

Interracial SexBDSMShemale Porn

I wasnt understanding why i needed to be washed if i wanted to fo in the spa but he insisted he didnt want dirty boy to mess the drain i was alone for xmass with him mommy had drop me this morning and after seeing my uncle spa i wanted to take a dip he let me go in the shower and i started foaming myself with the Nair stuff like he said i should do, not understanding why i had to wait 15 min all foamy before rinsing it after a while it started warming my skin and it end up like burning , i coudnt wait anymore and rinsed it all watching all of my hair fall down the drain i was hairless ,… Read more

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my best friends 18 year old son fucks me and more.


one day I walked over to my best friends house I had called a few days earalier asked if I could come by in the next few saysne said sure I could come anytime..I walkedover on Gtriday Afternoon a warm day and I rankthebell and his son opened the door let me in we went in to the patio I sat down he brougt me a beer and said his Dad was was nt there but should be there soon I was going t leave and said I would come back later,he said stay we have known each other so longwe had a friebship that was like family they almostlivied at my house and i almost lived at there house..so I stayed..He came u… Read more

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My best friend and I explore

Gay MaleFirst Time

My parents were out of town for the weekend, three days of pure freedom and bliss. Everyone expects you to run a big ass party when you are home alone for the weekend, but let’s face it, sometimes chilling home alone is even better. It was a warm June weekend, sunny, not a cloud in sight. I was laying in my bed, looking out of the window and planning the day ahead. It was a perfect day to use the backyard pool; swim, get tanned and relax. I thought about it for a minute. Maybe having some company wouldn’t be a bad idea. I got my cellphone out and texted Daniel. My best friend in the whole wid… Read more

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New beginnings

First TimeGay MaleAnal

I'd only ever had contact with another man once in my life. He was the older brother of a friend of mine. I guess he was 29. I was a freshman at USC. I'd gone to their house one afternoon during the summer break and everyone else was out. He answered the door in just a towel. I'd guessed I'd gotten him out of the shower. I had always admired this guy.He had always been nice to me even though he was much older. He asked me in to wait, and I followed him up to his room. He told me he'd been jerking off when the doorbell rang and really wanted to finish what he'd been doing when I interrupted h… Read more

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Juicy Yoon Jeong - Love Letters 2

First TimeBDSMTaboo


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Girls Night Out Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My name is Melissa; I am 44 and have been married for twenty years. I have been a faithful wife and mother during that time. My husband Jim has always wanted to experiment with our sex life, but that never went too far. But like everyone else, I have fantasies too, but just never lived them out until now. A group of us ladies decided to go to a male strip club for one of our friends 40th birthday. I had never been to one, but have heard plenty of stories. We all were having a good time, plenty of drinks to lose you inhibitions. All the male dancers were younger guys 25-30ish. Mainly white, b… Read more

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Fun With My Adopted Asian Daughters (Part 2)

TabooInterracial SexFetish

This is a continuation of an earlier story. To recap, I have two adopted Asian teen daughters, Jasmine and Vina, that I’ve raised from the beginning to be good little sluts. Vina is only 5’ tall, and Jasmine is even a few inches shorter. Both have beautiful long black hair and sensual almond-shaped Asian eyes. Their tummies are flat and their titties tiny, not even enough to fill out A-cup bras. And both have nice round tight little butts and smooth, hairless pussies. I had just had my friend Joe over to check my daughters out while they swam naked in the pool. Shortly after Joe left, Jasmine… Read more

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