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Rosie’s Story It had all started so innocently. Both Jon and I were quite happily married with no real worries. It wasn’t an exciting marriage and it was much the same as my own mother and fathers. Very comfortable and very settled. Jon was not a very big man and neither was he demanding. I remember telling my mother about him and she had told me “You are a very lucky girl Rosie.” She was right. It was a little boring but a I was lucky. I worked in a small office in a local factory and it came as a bit of a shock when the Senior Clerk a man called Ron started to take an interest in me. Some… Read more

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Finding out I was Bi in school

Group SexGay MaleAnal

One summer while staying in Hawaii, I spent my all time at the local pool. After swimming, upon my first entry into the locker rooms, seeing all the different penises gave me an unexpected erection. I quickly went to the bathroom stall to stroke my self, to get my penis to go down. My masturbation technique at that age was to repeatedly rub my fore arm along the length of my turgid shaft. I was imagining the penises I had seen, rubbing hard, when an older boy, Makoa, broke in on me, closing the door and locking it behind him. He told me, “Don't stop rubbing.” He watched my unusual method of s… Read more

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Fanny Hill: Letter the First - Part 3

First Time

Introduction: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, also known as Fanny Hill is a novel by John Cleland. Written in 1749, it is considered the first erotic novel, and has became a byword for the battle of censorship of erotica. Fanny's story, as she falls into prostitution and then rises to respectability, takes the form of a confession that is coloured by copious and explicit physiological details of her carnal adventures. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies and note… Read more

Posted by stacyfan5 2 days ago 449 100%

Confesses Sucking Cock

First TimeGay Male

Hi, my name is Shorty, and I just want to let you know about me. I am 18 and have a small frame weighing about 95 pounds. Some people call me a twink, but I don't know what that means. I grew up as a small Kurdish boy in a nomadic family. Sometimes the older boys and men would take advantage of me, and sometimes my mother dressed me as a girl to protect me when our village was raided. Just so you know, I really am not a queer cum eating faggot. I never dreamt of getting into this lifestyle. My present situation started after I got my first job in America as an adult. I worked as a clerk in th… Read more

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New Job

Gay MaleFirst Time

I'd just moved to Portland for an internship at a pharmaceutical company and was hoping by the end of the internship, they'd want to keep me on. My first day there was exciting. They gave me a rundown of my daily duties and I received my security badge. Before leaving for the day, I was told I had to go get bloodwork and a physical done. Luckily, they have doctors on staff so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. "All you have to do is head to the west wing on the 2nd floor and the Lindsey will take care of you," The HR woman directed. I took the mental note and headed home. The apartment I g… Read more

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Office Gangbang

Group SexFirst TimeHardcore

I truly enjoy writing about my experiences, and I try to include every detail, so this will not be a short story but I do hope you enjoy it... Several years ago, I had enjoyed several years with a stunningly handsome man, filled with great sex, beautiful intimacy and a sharing of souls that I could never have imagined growing up. Scott and I did enjoy the swinging lifestyle, and we both loved to get together with friends for "parties" and MMF sex. I am a very sexual person. I am 5'3", 120 lbs., blonde, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes and a 34-DD chest. I am an avid runner, and went to the he… Read more

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New Boss


My company recently brought in a new boss to take over our branch since the former retired the previous month. He is a black man. Tall, broad-shouldered with a chocolate complexion; he's got the build of a quarterback, and he's married. I am his secretary; my name is Alicia. I have been with the boss going on six and a half months now and I could tell that he's got a thing for the ladies. He certainly enjoys flirting with them and sometimes I've noticed how often he tends to keep late hours during lunch break. It wasn't until our first two months of working together that I finally realised wh… Read more

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Prescription Filled


I was nicely chilled as I sat out in the sun trying not to think about anything that might give me a painful erection and had a good buzz going when the gate opened and walking through was Vikki carrying a small bag that obviously contained my cream. Vikki was slim and as she walked down the path in her flowing summer dress the sun caught it making it pretty transparent and I could clearly see the outline of her small panties which I thought would do no good for my arousal problems. Her shoulder length dark hair flowed in the slight breeze and her big dark eyes widened as she saw me on the lou… Read more

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A Guide To The Elusive Sissygasm

FetishMasturbationShemale Porn

A Guide To The Elusive Sissygasm guide to sissgasm Have you ever watched one of those videos where the cute-as-can-be sissy is sitting back on her knees, riding a dildo for all she’s worth, when all of a sudden her limp—or possibly caged—clitty begins to leak a little—or sometimes spurt a lot of—cum while she experiences one of those earth-moving sissygasms? Her post-orgasmic spasms appear to reverberate throughout her entire body? I don’t know about you, but I become extremely envious while watching her achieve something that I’ve always considered an unlikely, if not a near-impossible drea… Read more

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My Affair with the Physics Girl

CelebrityFirst Time

Diana was coming to Kennedy Space Center. We had an affair and got married! I watch the Physics Girl YouTube channel all the time just to see gorgeous Diana Cowern. She’s a blue-eyed blonde that doesn’t seem to realize just how beautiful she is. I have made at least a dozen wallpapers of her and use them on my laptop. Today my boss told me that she was going to be filming an episode of her show at the Space Center and that I would be showing her around. She would be given clearance to see and film any… Read more

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Examining A Young Man


Examining A Young Man By: Londebaaz Chohan “Next please”. Shouted the school dispensary in charge and waited a while, till the next in line boy walked in. A high school junior, cute, dark haired boy, David Bowman. In a T-shirt and only the boxers, he stood there in front of Mr. Rosario Monti. His body was twitching and undulating a little, perhaps with tension. Giving the Physical Examination to youngsters was the best part of Mr. Monti’s job. With his interest in young adult boys, he would drool while appreciating a chance to view, touch and feel the ‘Private parts’ of almost a do… Read more

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He Could've R*ped Me! And I'd Enjoy It!

Gay MaleTabooBDSM

This guy was so big, taller than me and I'm 6 feet, and bigger, not fat, just right for his big size, and I am so skinny, except for my tummy, that he could have pinned me down and forced himself onto and into me against my will, and no matter how much I'd struggle with him and fight back, he could have conquered me. That didn't happen. At least that way. I met the guy here and I'll just call him "W," and after weeks of texting each other, w… Read more

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Halloween - Haunted Fun House

HardcoreBDSMGroup Sex

Don't go into a funhouse alone.  Carnivals and Fairs, they move around from town to town. Does anyone ever really know who these people are?  What I am about to tell you took place at one of these places years ago. It was mid October,    And I was meeting someone at the pop up carnival.     Please don't judge, but it was from an early free dating website.   I was lonely and young and a little desperate for attention.  I was talking to this man about the fair that just came to town, and he knew exactly where it was… Read more

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His Birthday but She gets a BBC

VoyeurFetishInterracial Sex

Paula couldn’t believe how small her husband’s cock was compared to Darrell’s big black cock when she was stroking them side by side. They were both erect, throbbing from the gentle touch of her hands. She reached under to cup their balls, fondled them for a while, and she squeezed Nick’s sack just a little firmer than Darrell’s, watching him squirm with delight. Nick was a good husband. They’d been together for six years, married for two. He treated her fairly and made enough money in the city to bless her with the freedom from employment. In turn, she took care of their residence in Surrey… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 210


Vince, Scott, and Tod went "hunting" two or three times each week while the leaves were still off of the trees. Many times, Bruce, Lorene, and Chris went along, and, less frequently, Sue, Chloe, and Mike joined them also. Chloe enjoyed the outings, but was determined to have this baby. The same with Sue. It, to her, was the ultimate adventure. The only thing that stopped her from accompanying the others, was Doris, reminding her that the least thing could make her lose the baby. To aid her, though, Rick had had Carl to get him the square tubing, and the metal meshing, to make her a tree stand.… Read more

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Hot Wife, Spit Roast


Hot Wife, Hot Life Spending the entire summer working far away from home wasn’t unusual for me, as I work in the Gas and Oil industry. What I was really dreading though, was the fact I would be away from my gorgeous wife so soon after we’d finally tied the knot. Carol and I weren’t exactly the typical newlyweds as we’d already lived together for several years but we’d finally made it official in May in front of our many friends and family members. In June my company was awarded a very lucrative contract for some equipment installation in Louisiana and I would be working out of New Orleans f… Read more

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Married I only give Blowjobs


Laura knelt in front of him, her bare knees pressed against the cold marble tiles. She reached under his shirt. One, two, three. She could feel the ridges that separated his abdominal muscles – like the photos he had sent. She bit her lip and undid his belt buckle. None of the men she'd ever slept with had a six-pack. And if the photos were real, none of them had a cock of this size. God, she hoped the photos were real. He helped her undo the buttons on his jeans, revealing his bulge, tucked discreetly away under his boxer shorts. Laura's heart was racing. She couldn't believe she was doing… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train 2 :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/metro-mature-upskirt-3579538 very good this video very thanks for who to has uploaded this video, i see this video here above always very glad and, after have putting it at full screen, i masturbing myself and i come always nice hot also because it's the same visual that i also have had the lucky of to have in a nice situation like in this video in a trip of commission with my sister. It was the second time that i and my sister did a trip of commission, and also this time in train like the first time recounted in a my previous story :-P, and my sister was with an… Read more

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Turned into a Slut for BBC PT6

FetishInterracial Sex

When I awoke the next morning, I felt very much accomplished for having performed so well the night before. I had been such a well behaved slut for Jerome, and I was proud of myself for it. Unfortunately, I was also undeniably hornier than I had ever been in my life. I had been keeping myself from orgasming on my own as I felt it was Jerome's right to get me off, but he had not brought me to such a climax the night before. As a result, my pussy was sopping wet, and I could only think about when I would see Jerome next so that he could hopefully grant me release of my pent up arousal. As I had… Read more

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Lesson for a fetish stalker


I had just parked my car on the 5th floor of the car park when I saw in the rear-view mirror how a lady, dressed entirely in black nappa leather, got out of the Mercedes behind me. Wearing a fitted leather blazer, gloves and tight leather trousers, she strutted along the corridor on the probably 10 cm high heels of her knee-length leather boots. Strictly tied back long black hair framed her beautifully cut, stylishly made-up face, whose dark glowing eyes sparkled. In her mid-40s her body was estimated to be slim and well-proportioned. No question about it, there was no lady staggering around w… Read more

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