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Blackmailed by my realtor

I was already irritated, and having to drive all the way over to the house just to cancel an appointment just made it worse. My wife and I were supposed to be taking a last look at a house we wanted to buy and had an appointment to meet our realtor at the house. We weren't going to buy it after all so I tried calling Sandra to cancel but unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of her so ended driving out here to let her know. She'd been great throughout the whole process and I felt bad that she was about to lose out on a big payday. I pulled up to the house and saw that her car was already there.

The place was very nice. It was a 3000 Sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom, ranch style house with top of the line appliances and upgraded extras. The yard was also huge and fenced in. The listing price was 510 thousand dollars, but we had been able to talk the owners down 30 thousand. Although the house was great, it was actually the reputation of the area that drove the price up to where it was.

It's a shame we won't be able to get it, I thought stepping through the front door. Sandra's voice echoed throughout the empty house. She was talking to someone using her cellphone and sounded extremely distressed. She was in the kitchen and hadn't seen me yet so I stayed by the front door and waited for her to finish her call. From what I gathered by listening to her end of the conversation, she was in danger of losing her place and was trying to convince the person on the other end that she just needed a little bit more time because she was about to get a huge commission. My heart sank, knowing I was about to cost her to lose over 20 thousand dollars that she was counting on.

I opened the door and shut it again louder while announcing my presence. I heard her make one last plea. I just need a little bit more time and I promise I'll get everything caught up. I have to go, they're here.

She came out of the kitchen with a huge smile. Alex, good to see you. She looked around. Where is Maria? She isn't coming, I told her. I tried to call you earlier to let you know that we needed to cancel but I couldn't get through. I'm sorry about that, she told me. I had some things I was trying to get worked out before you got here. Then when it registered what I said, she gave me a concerned look. Why did you need to cancel? We're not going to be able to buy it after all I told her. I am really sorry but something came up and we just can't do it right now. I could see the panic in her eyes and heard the shakiness in her voice when she spoke. Is it the price? I'll talk to the owner. He doesn't want to go any lower but he's also desperate to sell quickly so I might be able to get him to come down. It's not the price I say. We just can't do it.

She lets out a defeated sigh and suddenly looks unsteady on her feet. I grab hold of her arm and lead her back to the kitchen. I see a bottle of water next to her purse and keys. I open it and tell her to take a sip and she does. She puts the water down and looks up at me. I don't know what I'm going to do she says quietly as tears start forming in her eyes.

I'm at a loss for words as I stare back at her. I just tell her I wish there was something I could do to help and I genuinely mean it. Now the tears are flowing freely and I put my hand on her shoulder meaning to comfort her. It seems to help a little bit, but then without warning she throws her arms around me sobbing. Not knowing what else to do, I hold her and tell her that it will be okay and that somehow everything will work out. This seems to calm her down and I let her go but she keeps her arms around me with her face against my chest.

To my surprise I feel her hands start rubbing against my back then her lips against my neck. What are you doing? I pull away from her but she steps back to me. Please, I really need this, she tells me. She puts her arms back around me and then moves in as if to kiss me.

I know that this is the moment I should have stopped it and gotten out of there. This woman is vulnerable and I shouldn't be taking advantage of that I thought to myself. But once her lips touched mine I was all in. She kissed me softly at first then more passionate. My cock responded as she grinded against me. She kissed her way down as she unbuttoned my shirt. I could feel her lips and tongue against my neck then my chest, slowly working down to my stomach.

Then she was on her knees loosening my belt and unzipping my pants. She pulled my cock out then took the head into her mouth. She used both hands to stroke as her tongue moved over the tip. After a few moments, she took me out of her mouth and let her tongue glide down the shaft until she was at my balls. She took them into her mouth one at a time, working on one then the other before moving her way back up my cock. This time when she got to the tip, there was a huge amount of pre-cum leaking. She looked up at me and without blinking she licked it clean.

I leaned my head back as she put my cock back into her mouth, this time taking more than just the tip. Her mouth felt like velvet. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly pushed a little deeper before pulling out a little bit. I pushed back in even deeper this time and she gagged. I should have pulled out to give her a moment to catch her breath but instead I pushed until I was all the way down her throat. Her fingers dug into my thighs at first as she choked but after a few seconds she relaxed and I began pumping my hips. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and began to fuck her mouth. I tensed up as I began to cum straight down her throat. Not wanting her to choke, I let go of her head and let the rest of my load fly onto her cheek and neck.

I lean back against the counter and Sandra stands up in front of me. Alex, you seem like a very nice guy. I do my best, I tell her. That's why this is so hard. I give her a confused look. What do you mean? I'm sorry. I hate to do this but I really don't have any choice. I can't lose this commission.

The turn of events had me a little shaken. I understand you really needed the commission but I told you our situation has changed.

That's when she blurts out, if you don't buy the house, then I'll tell Maria what happened.

You're going to do what?

She says it again. I will tell your wife what we did if you don't buy the house. I'm sorry but I'm desperate and if I lose this commission, I lose everything.

Still in shock, I respond with, so your plan is to blackmail me into buying the house. What the fuck is wrong with you? As if on cue, my phone rings. I turn it over and see my wife's name on the screen. I push ignore but not before Sarah sees Maria's name.

She gives me a knowing glance. Look Alex. I know you can easily afford this place and I've heard the both of you talking so I'm aware that you love everything about this house. The owner has already dropped the price so you're getting it below…

Shut up, I tell her quietly but firmly. So you're telling me if I purchase the home, you won't tell my wife anything?

For the first time since I showed up today, she actually looks hopeful. Yes, I swear I won't ever repeat what happened to anyone.

Ok, but I have a condition. She looks unsure but waits for me to continue. I'm not doing this for a quick blow job. If I'm being blackmailed, then I'll need something a little more. I see understanding in her face and continue. I get to fuck you first.

She answers quickly. Okay but after you sign the papers. Once the contract is signed, we can set something up.

No. Once I sign there's no reason for you to keep your end of the deal. Plus you still have the ability to screw me over if you decide to tell my wife. So if we do this, then I'm going all in. I get to fuck you right here and now. After that we can head to your office.

I see the wheels spinning in her head and finally the resignation that if she's really willing to push thru with this, then she doesn't have much choice. Fine she says. We will do it now, but when we're done, we go straight to the office. Then she looks at me and says, I know you're not going to understand, but I really don't have a choice and if you go back on your word, I will tell Maria everything that happened. I believe you, I told her.

She turned around and hiked her skirt up and pulled her panties down. Let's get this over with she tells me as she bends over the counter. I move behind her and push a finger into her. I'm surprised to find that she is wet. Not dripping but still wet enough. I line my cock up with her pussy and press the tip in. Normally I would push in slowly while savoring the feel of her squeezing me. Unfortunately for her, she had picked the wrong day and my frustration had reached a boiling point. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back into me as I thrust forward, driving all the way into her in one stroke. Her yelp echoed throughout the empty house. I pulled out then slammed back into her even harder. I continued driving into her while my hands drifted down to her breasts. I squeezed roughly through her shirt before reaching under her shirt and pushing her bra up. I pinched her exposed nipple hard, eliciting another loud yelp from her.

Normally I'm never this rough during sex. I've tried different things with my wife but she was never into anything out of the normal. Missionary and sometimes she would get in top but that was about as adventurous as she would get.

I grabbed Sarah's hair in one hand and jerked her head back as I kept slamming into her. With my other hand I reached back and smacked her ass hard enough to leave my hand print. Instead of the objection I was expecting to hear, there was a moan. Then I felt her pussy clenching around my cock. She was cumming. She was trying to stifle the moans but was unsuccessful.

I decided to test how desperately she wanted this commission. I pulled out and pushed against her asshole. She flinched and her head whipped around but before she could protest I drove in hard. Still holding her hair with one hand, I started pumping her tight ass. I guess she was pretty desperate because she turned around while I fucked her ass. I didn't let up at all and continued driving into her. I reached down and slid a finger into her and felt that she was much wetter now. I pulled my finger from her pussy and pressed it against her lips until her mouth opened and I felt her tongue against my finger.

Her moans became louder and I could tell she was cumming again. I felt myself getting close so I pulled out with the intent of unloading on her ass and back. At the last moment, I pushed back into her pussy before she could react and grabbed her hips so that she couldn't pull away from me. When I finished, I let go of her hips and she jerked away from me. That wasn't part of our deal, she said as she dressed.

I pulled my pants up and said, about that deal, you should have asked me why we changed our minds about buying the place before you decided to blackmail me.

Are you about to tell me you lost your fucking job.

No, nothing like that. I was trying to cancel our meeting because I left work early and caught Maria in bed with another guy. My phone rang again and this time I answered it and put it on speaker. Maria's pleading voice echoed through the house this time. Alex I'm sorry. Please give me a chance. I know we can work this out. I ended the call. I'm filing for divorce so I don't give a crap what you tell Maria. I turned around and walked out, with Sarah just staring in disbelief.
Published by Pan13ther
1 month ago
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