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Fetish Porn Stories

First Time wanking in worn tights Part 1


I grew up on a council estate,in a fair sized street, all boys together, playing football and cricket, none of us were sexually active, none of us talked about sex, basically we did not know much about sex Two of my friends were brothers and i used too spend alot of time at their house due too my parents working full time. There mother was a curvy lady,dark haired, quite good looking, heavy smoker, big chested and always wore tan tights and scholls, her nylon feet always caught my eye, i was fascinated with them, i don`t know why and i started to get sexual urges, i would always stare at her… Read more

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guide for prostate milking


Theodore Roosevelt once said "If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow", but an experienced woman knows that if you have got him by his prostate, you own his balls! For those keen to try prostate milking, a quick guide for him and her: 1. He should empty his bowels and use a small enema to clean up before you start. 2. He should also COMPLETELY empty his bladder before you start because he will need to relax his prostate in a similar way to urination to allow his sperm to pass through. 3. Use a toy with a stiff shaft and a prominent knob. Most solid silicone ones a… Read more

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Teachers Gold Star Pupil


Teachers Gold Star Pupil The set up: two lovers separated by distance are texting each other late at night. Man: I really want to eat your pussy Woman: Well you can’t - you need to wait ;) Man: I know - just saying Woman: I know - I was meaning it in a teasing way. Like I’m the naughty teacher not letting her student have what he wants yet. And I’m wearing fishnet stockings and a very short skirt. And I keep knocking things off my desk and I have to bend over right in front of you to pick them up. Man: I’d like to take that class. I think I’d get good grades. Woman: You’d… Read more

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I’m Ed’s cross-dressing home help.

AnalFetishFirst Time

I had been made redundant and the employment for the area wasn’t great, l was in town with my wife and in an age-help charity shop was a card asking for volunteers and my wife suggested l apply as it will keep me doing something while l look for a proper job. I went inside to put my name down and by the time l got home there was a message from the shop asking me to come in for a chat. I went in the next morning expecting to be interview for work in the shop, but the volunteers they were looking for were for people to help in the old persons home, l explain l had no experience, but the woman a… Read more

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Really Horny Night


I have been deprived of going to the Gloryhole for a while being so busy. I finally had sometime to myself and go have some fun. I left the house half buzzed and fully horny. I took some liquor with me to drink in the parking lot before I go inside. It was earlier than usual when I go the parking had more cars than I am used to seeing. Its about 1am my normal time is like 3-4 am but I could not wait. I finish my drink and head to the entrance. I go in pay get buzzed in and its more people than I used to but I am so horny. I go down the corridor to find a booth and see who may be interested and… Read more

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Surprise...Surprise!!! What Do I See

MasturbationShemale PornFetish

Introduction: An older married man gets more than he bargains for when he meets a blonde in a bar This is a fictional story of an encounter an older married man has with a young attractive girl in a club that leads to some surprising and memorable events. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on picturepainter123@yahoo.co.uk with views, comments or ideas for stories. Surprise, Surprise! Paul walked towards a bar near to his hotel. He knew that Canal Street was the gay area of the city but he also knew that it was also the most live… Read more

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Box Office Bang! (P10).


Redhead had crawled forward, intending to roll over but Gemma swished the riding crop once more with a firm slapping noise on Redhead's buttocks. Redhead screamed, "Ow...you fuckin',,,you fuckin' little bitch...what's that for"? Gemma giggled but again bought the riding crop down firmly and left another angry welt on Redhead's arse cheeks! "For being rude to Daddy...it's not his fault that he, as ya say, is an 'old spunker'! It's a proper nice cock he's got on him...it ain't his fault if it hurts ya, is it"? Gemma then reached down off the side of the bed and rummaged in the box… Read more

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Letting another Man use my Wife

Group SexBDSMFetish

We are a married couple for few years, happily married, loving each other really much. For the past years we were fantasizing about another man in our live.. Maybe a Little of a cuckold. We thought to find a "friend" with whom my wife could talk, go to the city or go for a whole night out. These were only fantasies until... We have accounts on few sites. And not very long time ago my wife got a message from a man from different country. He visits our area for the business often, even few Times a month. Because he is almost 24 years order than her, he offered her to be her sugar daddy.. month… Read more

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Creation Of A Guy Slut

Gay MaleFirst TimeFetish

I was working away from home in a little town for a couple of weeks last summer, a quiet little place where not much seemed to be happening. When the first Friday night rolled around, as I wasn't working weekends, I thought that would be a good opportunity to explore the area and check out what kind of night life, if any, there was. After a short walk around I stumbled upon a small, friendly looking pub, with old architecture and modern fixings, it looked clean and pleasant enough inside so I decided to start here and went in for a few drinks. I got myself a draught ale and sat at a table near… Read more

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Panty come fetish!! A story


There were only 3 weeks left for the semester and I wanted to jump ahead for the next year. I needed a book very badly to start my business class. It was an expensive book and I knew if I could catch someone selling it back to the bookstore, I could offer some more dollars for it. I had been going there for two days and the only thing I could notice was the girl at the counter buying the books back. The idea came to me to talk to her about my predicament so I did. She was a white brunette with brown eyes under glasses, medium size and conservative look. Nothing out of the ordinary. I approa… Read more

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Sandy's First Weekend Enslavement


Sandra was 25 years old, a striking strawberry blonde with long hair and rather ample boobs. This Sunday evening, she was early in a very unusual 5-hour drive home. She was naked except for a rather large butt plug in her ass and a large electronic vibrator in her pussy. These were held in place by a locked chastity belt to which she did not have a key. Her cell phone was propped up in a holder in front of her and was answerable through her car’s audio system by voice command. Her back, legs, stomach and boobs were badly sunburned, and sitting was very uncomfortable. In addition, her boobs wer… Read more

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MILF make me Practice

FetishFirst Time

As a eightteen-year-old jock, I had male hormones that were always out of control. I quickly learned the art of self-pleasuring since it seemed every high school girl I tried to date, would not let me get past second base. Then, Pam Burton came along. Pam was twice my age, plus a few, but that didn’t stop either of us from striking up a serious relationship that started out by pure happenstance. Pam’s son was on the same football team as myself and so I kind of knew her from a distance, seeing her picking up Jack after our football practices. The one day, as I walking home from school after… Read more

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Sometimes Size does Matter Blacken

First TimeFetishInterracial Sex

It's hard to describe how I felt, the first time I saw it. Granted, my inhibitions had already been lowered. My husband had been pushing me to behave naughtily, fueling my arousal with cocktails and, insanely, his own desire to take me right there in our pool. Still, regardless of the wild afternoon I had experienced, the sight of Tyrone's gigantic black penis awakened something in me, something I had subconsciously spent most of my life repressing. My husband is partially to blame for my newfound sexual wildness, although I suppose maybe 'blame' isn't the right word. Perhaps 'credit', is mo… Read more

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Setting up the Wife Again Blacken

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

This story comes after our relationship with Tre had ended. He ended up meeting a really nice lady and when they got more serious in their relationship, he decided that the wonderful thing we had going had to come to an end. His new love was not into open relationship and sharing her well- endowed boyfriend. After that relationship ended, we both decided to take a break on it and really focus on our marriage since it seems that we were caught up into such a tornado of passion. My wife also joked that she needed to give her pussy a break and let it get tightened up again. With that we both had… Read more

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My GF got a Strapon Pegged PT3


Cindy promised that she had something special planned for my 30th birthday. I wasn't sure whether to be pleased or frightened. And yet, there I was, naked, my wrists shackled to either bed post like Christ on the cross, my ankles shackled and bound up with straps against my thighs, making my nether region fully exposed and accessible. And then she put on the blindfold. "I am not sure how I feel about this," I finally said. She breathed softly on my ear and said, "Trust me, relax, and enjoy." I took a deep breath. "OK," I replied. "Good," she whispered back. "Let's have some fun." I heard… Read more

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My GF got a Strapon Pegged PT4


This is the fourth in a series of stories of Cindy introducing her boyfriend to anal strapon play and fisting. Who could have imagined that it could have all began with a single finger. Cindy playfully stuck a finger up my ass and I moaned with pleasure. That was where it began. Soon we moved on to her fucking me with a strap-on, something I never imagined that I would enjoy. And then a larger strap-on and then ultimately her fist. My sweet and wonderful Cindy fucking me madly in the ass with her fist. And amazingly, I loved it all. Really loved it. And little did I know, but we were just b… Read more

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My GF got a Strapon Pegged PT2


Just as we were finishing dinner, Cindy looked over at me with a sweet and seemingly innocent smile and said, "I really want to fuck you in the ass tonight. You up for it?" Cindy is nothing if not direct. I smiled back. "My ass is yours, pretty lady." "Oh, yeah," she replied. A month ago I wouldn't have believed that I had come to love being fucked in the ass by my girlfriend with her strap-on. I was too straight, too conventional for that. It all started when Cindy stuck her finger up my ass and I liked it. Amazing where things went from there. Cindy is bi and we met shortly after she ha… Read more

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I want to Fuck you Again Pegged

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

It was hard, but I knew I should be honest with my wife. I told her that I had a fetish for 'chicks with strapon's'. Although it made me nervous, I felt like I had to admit that sexy girls wearing strap-ons got me very horny. She was an amazing woman, so that information didn't faze her at all. In fact, she started wearing a strap-on that I had bought her. She let me take some pictures of her. Those pictures replaced any other porn that I could ever need. I found myself jerking off to the sexy images of her in lingerie. Her beautiful body standing tall and curvy in high heels with a 6 inch… Read more

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My GF got a Strapon Pegged

AnalFetishFirst Time

It all began when Cindy stuck her finger up my ass. She was running her tongue lightly up and down the shaft of my cock, but paused for an instant to gauge my reaction. I moaned slightly, appreciatively. It felt good. She smiled and began slowly moving her finger in and out. We were naked on her bed in her apartment on a Saturday morning, the sunlight streaming in through her bedroom windows. At first, I wasn't fully awake, although Cindy did a fine job of waking me up. She had started nibbling and nipping at my balls before moving up to my cock. And now she had a finger up my backside. I was… Read more

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What's Your Tongue Stud For?

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

Sarah and Valerie, both 18, were in the final year of high school. They had been friends since c***dhood, but they were as different as night and day. Sarah, my daughter, was a brunette with a sweet innocent face, a good girl. Valerie was blonde, about the same height and weight as Sarah. But she seemed a lot more free in her speech, perhaps a bad girl. Which interested me. Since both of them were cheerleaders, they had lithe athletic bodies. But unlike Sarah,Valerie always seemed to wear the skimpiest of clothes when she came over to visit my daughter. This time she had on extremely short an… Read more

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