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Hardcore Porn Stories

Sissy Kristy Gets Fucked in a Storage Unit

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Yes, this is a true sissy story!  I always thought a storage unit was a place where you stored your junk. I certainly never thought that I would get my worthless sissy ass plowed in one. But that's exactly what happened early one summer morning.  It all started when I met this older married daddy on Craigslist who really wanted to use me but couldn't host, and at the time I couldn't either. So he had this brilliant idea. One morning he decided that instead of going to the gym he would meet up with me at his climate-controlled storage unit and we could fuck there. I thought, why the… Read more

Posted by Sissyfuckmeat 5 hours ago 519 100%

Putting Politics Aside

CelebrityInterracial SexHardcore

• PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE Everyone in another party and establishment trying to stop and impede a seemingly unstoppable candidate from reaching his political objectives for nomination. What to do? His Eloquent, conservative. beautiful wife, a mother of two beautiful c***dren, is privately invited to witness a special prison that has new ideas and techniques of rehabilitation as part of a campaign promotion for prison reforms. It purportedly first uses a helmet for relaxation and then induction of biblical scriptures on morals and wholesome living. Inmates are mostly black prisoners with sign… Read more

Posted by sirdickard 5 hours ago 156

On Display

AnalGroup SexHardcore

One of my neighbors, Tom, is a real dirty old man, late fifties with a small beer belly and a nice dick. His bedroom window faces into my den. He likes to stand in the window and wank on his wanker. And I like to watch him. He only does it in the day time, starting about 2 pm. He'll stand buck naked at the window and masterbate for me. I'll smile at him and give a little clap, when he comes. One day, when he appeared, I pulled up a big easy chair and sat down naked and spread my legs to show him my pussy. I stroked my pussy and rubbed my clit, while he beat his meat. I really enjoyed our mutu… Read more

Posted by AwFuckMe 6 hours ago 640 100%

Oh, what a night!!...

MatureHardcoreLesbian Sex

I had convinced my hubby to spend some days at Florida’s beach. Once at a very nice resort that Victor had hired, we both ended up becoming friendly with another couple about our age; Alba and Jon. They were Dutch and really very friendly. We did night walks together and hung out by the beach together and had many margaritas at the bar together. It was our last night and we were all having fun and too much alcohol, when I noticed Victor was almost passing out. Poor hubby could not even stand up. Alba and Jon convinced me to go back to their room and continue our chat there. He helped me to… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 9 hours ago 571 50%

Riding with a wild taxi driver...


Hubby and I had attended a very nice joyful party that evening. We danced for hours, chatted to some friends and had a good time. But as I danced with some of my girlfriends, my lovely Victor visited the bar; more times than I had expected. After a while, I found my beloved sweet man was completely “out of order”… When it was time for me to leave I found him still at the bar; so I suggested him it was time to go back home. No way was he driving us home. We had to leave our car overnight, because I had taken some margaritas also, but although my mind was clear, I was very tired to drive our ca… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 9 hours ago 464 75%

Christmas party.

First TimeHardcoreMature

I drove us to her Christmas party, it was in the countryside in a large barn conversion. We got there early , had drinks, it was pretty boring for me. Her two friends seemed very keen on a guy, he was dark, Spanish looking, goaty beard, open white shirt. With a woman who was petite and sat by the bar. I said I'll drive back and catch my mates in the local. I'll give you the money for a taxi. She said ok. I went to the car, the car park was packed and I was blocked in. I went back in to the party and got the dj to ask for the car with such and such registration to move his car and let me out. A… Read more

Posted by tony2112b 9 hours ago 1,981 83%

Taken inside a bathroom (By a first man)


That warm summer evening I had attended a party with my beloved hubby at some friend’s home. The party was getting a little bit boring after a couple hours, but alcohol had been flowing from early and I had taken my fair share. I was dressed very conservative; a short black flowing dress that was pretty modest. I was wearing seamed nylon hoses up my thighs and a pair of nice stiletto heels, which made my toned legs, look even longer and sexier…. After dinner I went back to the private bathroom off of the master bedroom. I was done with my business and opened the door to find one man standin… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 11 hours ago 1,175 63%

Judge and Found Horny. Sentenced to Suffer.

BDSMGay MaleHardcore

A Gay Hardcore Older for Younger BDSM Prisoner Whipping Caning Crucifixion CBT Fantasy. I put up with some ads on a gay BDSM personal site. I'm an older man and I used to be a stud and fuck guys but now I'm not getting ground that well. I'm 6 ft 2. Around 270 getting kind of heavy in my older age but not too fat. I was looking for a younger man to come use me. Maybe some light or play bdsm. Nothing too serious. I'd like some bondage and flogging. A little bit of CBT to keep my cock hard. Some spankings. Whatever a younger guy might like to do. I figure I can't really do all the servicing s… Read more

Posted by biggmatts 23 hours ago 571 100%

The hot tub experience!


Finally, Pete and Kitty had a weekend alone! They slipped their bags into the cottage on the outskirts of vast farm fields and surveyed the view. Nothing but the small compound of cottages and open fields for miles either side. Kitty gave a stretch and kicked her shoes off, picking up a much needed glass of wine, she followed Pete outside onto the patio yard. She cast her eyes over him as he explored the grounds, his fitted combats hugging that gorgeous arse and strong hips, broad shoulders peeling back the cover on their private hot tub. That was something she had in common with him - Pete h… Read more

Posted by KTkitkat 1 day ago 3 1,484 67%

owning a married couple

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

formaly known as derek and susan I walked into the executive offices and looked at the managing director's PA. She was a slightly plump very pretty blonde in her early twenties, dressed in a smart business suit with a white blouse and dark, sheer, hose, probably tights. I knew that I would have three days at the company and I needed somewhere to stay and some amusement. To fill in time before my meetings started, using my security clearance I checked the personnel records and made a note of her address. I also discovered that her husband was an accountant working in the same company. When… Read more

Posted by thefamilier 1 day ago 1 2,531 50%


Shemale PornGay MaleHardcore

Denise woke early in anticipation of things to come. She had already packed the car with all that she needed for the day and, after breakfast, set off for the rented property where she had arranged to meet a new lover called Peter. They had agreed that Andy (a professional photographer) would be joining them to record the events on video and in pictures. On arriving at the property Denise unpacked the car and she felt a sense of excitement as she lay the contents of her luggage across a bed in one of the bedrooms. She cast her eye over the array of suspender belts, corsets, bras, knickers, g… Read more

Posted by DENISEFFNYLONS 1 day ago 1 525 100%

The new blowjob

First TimeTabooHardcore

Reem decided she will listen, her beautiful friend Yara whom she was together with since first grade... Reem and Yara grew up together to learn life, and recently sex...Yara told Reem a lot about sex, leading , Yara experienced her first blowjob, and told Reem the same day.. it was Yusef, her brothers friend who was 22 and ran into her at the beach, Nice muscles and nice erection Yara noticed as soon as he saw her, Yara felt the wetness deep in her pussy looking at the erection she caused, and blushed when she saw he noticed. They chatted by the beach, Yara very happy to see him here, she wa… Read more

Posted by Arabsexmann 1 day ago 449 67%

Stranger Inside My Wife

HardcoreAnalFirst Time

It began with a stranger joining us around our campfire at an Army Corp of Engineers campground in Kentucky. He told my wife she has amazing eyes. As Dave and I sat with a group of other campers, my wife and this guy continued chatting and appearing to get closer together. At first, his hands softly rubbed my wife's lower legs over her jeans. I could not really hear their conversation, but it was apparent they were deeply attracted to each other. As the evening continued, his hands moved further upward and c… Read more

Posted by ky40scpl 1 day ago 3 1,844 100%

My GF got a Strapon Pegged PT4


This is the fourth in a series of stories of Cindy introducing her boyfriend to anal strapon play and fisting. Who could have imagined that it could have all began with a single finger. Cindy playfully stuck a finger up my ass and I moaned with pleasure. That was where it began. Soon we moved on to her fucking me with a strap-on, something I never imagined that I would enjoy. And then a larger strap-on and then ultimately her fist. My sweet and wonderful Cindy fucking me madly in the ass with her fist. And amazingly, I loved it all. Really loved it. And little did I know, but we were just b… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 day ago 470 33%

My GF got a Strapon Pegged PT2


Just as we were finishing dinner, Cindy looked over at me with a sweet and seemingly innocent smile and said, "I really want to fuck you in the ass tonight. You up for it?" Cindy is nothing if not direct. I smiled back. "My ass is yours, pretty lady." "Oh, yeah," she replied. A month ago I wouldn't have believed that I had come to love being fucked in the ass by my girlfriend with her strap-on. I was too straight, too conventional for that. It all started when Cindy stuck her finger up my ass and I liked it. Amazing where things went from there. Cindy is bi and we met shortly after she ha… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 day ago 614 80%

I want to Fuck you Again Pegged

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

It was hard, but I knew I should be honest with my wife. I told her that I had a fetish for 'chicks with strapon's'. Although it made me nervous, I felt like I had to admit that sexy girls wearing strap-ons got me very horny. She was an amazing woman, so that information didn't faze her at all. In fact, she started wearing a strap-on that I had bought her. She let me take some pictures of her. Those pictures replaced any other porn that I could ever need. I found myself jerking off to the sexy images of her in lingerie. Her beautiful body standing tall and curvy in high heels with a 6 inch… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 day ago 544 80%

Dirty Talk


Me: But I loved putting my tongue in your pussy and feeling it from the inside. Thu: lol, and it likes you being in there Me: And the dirtiness and your screaming made it hot. made me hard. Thu: to be honest, i masturbated to that night several times Me: Made me fuck you harder than I ever had before. Really? Me too. Thu: lol Me: pretty hot night. it was filthy sexual marathon. Thu: haha Me: did you offer the anal sex that night or did I just take it? Thu: you just took it i didn't stop you Me: oh right, when I put you over the couch. Thu: which in some ways, made it even hotter… Read more

Posted by scnlver 1 day ago 514

Office Gangbang

Group SexFirst TimeHardcore

I truly enjoy writing about my experiences, and I try to include every detail, so this will not be a short story but I do hope you enjoy it... Several years ago, I had enjoyed several years with a stunningly handsome man, filled with great sex, beautiful intimacy and a sharing of souls that I could never have imagined growing up. Scott and I did enjoy the swinging lifestyle, and we both loved to get together with friends for "parties" and MMF sex. I am a very sexual person. I am 5'3", 120 lbs., blonde, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes and a 34-DD chest. I am an avid runner, and went to the he… Read more

Posted by backup131313 2 days ago 3,264 88%

New Boss


My company recently brought in a new boss to take over our branch since the former retired the previous month. He is a black man. Tall, broad-shouldered with a chocolate complexion; he's got the build of a quarterback, and he's married. I am his secretary; my name is Alicia. I have been with the boss going on six and a half months now and I could tell that he's got a thing for the ladies. He certainly enjoys flirting with them and sometimes I've noticed how often he tends to keep late hours during lunch break. It wasn't until our first two months of working together that I finally realised wh… Read more

Posted by backup131313 2 days ago 2 2,966 92%

Halloween - Haunted Fun House

HardcoreBDSMGroup Sex

Don't go into a funhouse alone.  Carnivals and Fairs, they move around from town to town. Does anyone ever really know who these people are?  What I am about to tell you took place at one of these places years ago. It was mid October,    And I was meeting someone at the pop up carnival.     Please don't judge, but it was from an early free dating website.   I was lonely and young and a little desperate for attention.  I was talking to this man about the fair that just came to town, and he knew exactly where it was… Read more

Posted by Klarebear810 2 days ago 1 1,428 100%