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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

The Neighbors Know

Interracial SexVoyeur

[ Dedicated to my good friends A & T, and for their courageous departure from the worn-out monogamous way of 'marriage!' ] Maybe I was being a nosy neighbor, but I became increasingly curious about a young white married couple (Anna and Thomas are their names) who lived across the street from me. The curiosity part arose when I began to notice a young black guy who visited them quite frequently (sometimes twice a week), but that wasn't what was unusual though. What got my curiosity piqued was that on the days he visited them, his car was outside all night long. That meant he'd spent the… Read more

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Putting Politics Aside

CelebrityInterracial SexHardcore

• PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE Everyone in another party and establishment trying to stop and impede a seemingly unstoppable candidate from reaching his political objectives for nomination. What to do? His Eloquent, conservative. beautiful wife, a mother of two beautiful c***dren, is privately invited to witness a special prison that has new ideas and techniques of rehabilitation as part of a campaign promotion for prison reforms. It purportedly first uses a helmet for relaxation and then induction of biblical scriptures on morals and wholesome living. Inmates are mostly black prisoners with sign… Read more

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A Brazilian dick just for me...

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

Victor had suggested we could spend a couple days sunning ourselves at Rio and then we would continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives… Just on the first day there, hubby told me he was feeling sick, maybe the sudden heat in the Brazilian weather… But he said he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy the afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun… I put on a tiny thong I had purchased before leaving for this trip. It was lime ye… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 211

VoyeurTabooInterracial Sex

Zane and Falina were having problems of their own. With her pregnancy advancing as it was, they had lost the intimacy, they had, so long, enjoyed, so much. She was used to them having sex at least four or five times a week, and even more often, at times. He was afraid that he would hurt her, or the baby, and held off. Falina enjoyed exciting her husband of now, nine years. She had grown more wanton as he had discovered that she enjoyed being shared with other men. She had, also, discovered that she enjoyed her husband with other women. It made her proud of him, when he made them gasp and cry o… Read more

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A dark rest stop to look for some action

Interracial SexAnalVoyeur

That late evening I was driving back home from a rock concert out of town. My wife looked tired, snoring in the passenger seat. Anita suddenly woke up, asking me to stop at any rest place. Once there, my sexy wife got off the car, asking me to follow her. She whispered she was so fucking horny that night… So I followed her swaying sexy hips and fucked Ana in one of the stalls in the ladies’ room. It was pretty cool, especially with other women coming in and out of the restroom the whole time. We could hear them doing their business and talking to each other. After we were finished, we went… Read more

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Hot Wife Lifestyle Blacken

Group SexInterracial SexFirst Time

After my friend Hilda told me how much she and her husband loved their Hot Wife lifestyle I found myself fantasizing about it for over a year before introducing the idea to my husband. David and I have been married for twenty years and have a great marriage with three teenage k**s. David and I have always enjoyed having sex at least a couple of times a week. David is a wonderful lover and has very reliable 6" cock that I love but I just found the idea of fucking a guy with a really huge cock exciting. Especially after delivering three babies. I don't need it to have one to cum but I'd love to… Read more

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OMG!!!!! They caught me!!!!! Son's friends!

Group SexInterracial SexTaboo

OMG!!!!! They caught me!!!!! I know them, been seeing them and have been wanting them to do this! So Not ****! Willing! It was finally a week to myself (or so I thought), hubby, his buddies, and son left to go to the deer lease. They go every summer for a week, to get feeders going and check the stands and camp house. Hubby’s buddies (Joe, John and David) met at our house and my son was going to meet them at the lease. I felt like having some fun so I dressed in my Daisy Dukes and a tee shirt to help them get loaded. They arrived around 8 am and all came into the house. I was in the kitchen… Read more

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Sometimes Size does Matter Blacken

First TimeFetishInterracial Sex

It's hard to describe how I felt, the first time I saw it. Granted, my inhibitions had already been lowered. My husband had been pushing me to behave naughtily, fueling my arousal with cocktails and, insanely, his own desire to take me right there in our pool. Still, regardless of the wild afternoon I had experienced, the sight of Tyrone's gigantic black penis awakened something in me, something I had subconsciously spent most of my life repressing. My husband is partially to blame for my newfound sexual wildness, although I suppose maybe 'blame' isn't the right word. Perhaps 'credit', is mo… Read more

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Setting up the Wife Again Blacken

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

This story comes after our relationship with Tre had ended. He ended up meeting a really nice lady and when they got more serious in their relationship, he decided that the wonderful thing we had going had to come to an end. His new love was not into open relationship and sharing her well- endowed boyfriend. After that relationship ended, we both decided to take a break on it and really focus on our marriage since it seems that we were caught up into such a tornado of passion. My wife also joked that she needed to give her pussy a break and let it get tightened up again. With that we both had… Read more

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Setting my Wife up with a BBC Blacken

First TimeVoyeurInterracial Sex

I would like to start out that as a 40 year old male, I have always had a fairly perverse mind while my wife is more on the prudish side. Over the years I have slowly gotten my wife to go from only making love in the dark and missionary style to introducing toys and talking about fantasies. Our sex life has gotten better and my mind has gotten more perverted the further we have come. A few years back, I was walking into the locker room at the gym I belong to and a black guy was changing. He was from Ethiopia and when his underwear came down, it just flopped back and forth. It was 12+ and very… Read more

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A sissy for a huge dark sinned man

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

I was out of town in a business trip. This time, one of my assistants, Fred, had gone with me. On the second evening, after having dinner, Fred proposed to go to an adult book store. I told him it was for gays and horny women; since there one could have a hole in the wall to get the cock sucked by a woman, or suck a hard cock from a man… Fred laughed, saying we could probably get a horny slutty housewife who would be horny and available to suck our cocks… I finally got convinced by him. Once inside, we both split up. The situation was exciting. My dick was getting hard in my pants. I enjoyed… Read more

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Acting as a sissy cuckold for my wife

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

My sweet wife had asked me to pick up her after office. I waited outside her building and, after a long while, she appeared in sight, followed by a very huge muscled black man. I got out of my car and Anita kissed me in front of the black guy. She introduced his friend to me: “Honey, this is Curtiss and he will come over tonight to fuck me…” Curtiss shook hands with me, saying I was such a lucky husband, having such a slutty wife like Anita; with her nice cunt available for me every night and day… I was shocked; but before I could say anything, that smiling black bastard kissed my wife’s red… Read more

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Hiring a young, hung and black builder...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I had planned making some building works at home for the weekend, but I assumed that some help would be necessary. As I commented the subject with my sweet wife, Anita said she knew a guy from her office. He was a builder and sometimes had done some repair jobs in their office’s building. Ana said the young man always had fancied her; so she was sure that she could get a good deal… The next day, the builder came home to talk with me about the job. Anita had not told me that this guy from her office was very young, handsome, muscled and… black… As I was speaking with him, this guy, Matt, co… Read more

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A shiny extra large piece of used rubber

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That morning, I had stayed at home, since my Boss had asked me to complete some paper work and I could do it at my own desk, without going to the office. Anita had left to her work early, asking me to do the laundry and empty the trash can in the bathroom. She sent me a kiss in the air, saying she was in a rush. I made my paper work and later I decided to have a rest; meanwhile, I could do the household. As I looked into the trash can, something caught my attention. There I could see a gold foil package and something else that I had not seen in many years. I pulled the shiny package out,… Read more

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Getting my pussy fucked at the office bathroom

Interracial SexMatureFirst Time

I just got back from lunch or I can say just got back from having Ben fuck my pussy at his apartment and it was so fucken good and my pussy was still full of his cum so I sat down and started working and thinking about Ben's hard cock fucking me hard and feeling his cum deep inside my pussy and my nipples were sore after he sucked on them so much so when I got back I took off my bra cause they were sore and it didn't hurt so much and when I did I saw the marks he left on my breast as he does like branding my tits so I was working and a employee comes in and his name is Wayne and he is a you… Read more

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His Birthday but She gets a BBC

VoyeurFetishInterracial Sex

Paula couldn’t believe how small her husband’s cock was compared to Darrell’s big black cock when she was stroking them side by side. They were both erect, throbbing from the gentle touch of her hands. She reached under to cup their balls, fondled them for a while, and she squeezed Nick’s sack just a little firmer than Darrell’s, watching him squirm with delight. Nick was a good husband. They’d been together for six years, married for two. He treated her fairly and made enough money in the city to bless her with the freedom from employment. In turn, she took care of their residence in Surrey… Read more

Posted by 425olds 2 days ago 1 2,287 87%

Turned into a Slut for BBC PT6

FetishInterracial Sex

When I awoke the next morning, I felt very much accomplished for having performed so well the night before. I had been such a well behaved slut for Jerome, and I was proud of myself for it. Unfortunately, I was also undeniably hornier than I had ever been in my life. I had been keeping myself from orgasming on my own as I felt it was Jerome's right to get me off, but he had not brought me to such a climax the night before. As a result, my pussy was sopping wet, and I could only think about when I would see Jerome next so that he could hopefully grant me release of my pent up arousal. As I had… Read more

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Ana posing like a filthy hooker...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That evening, my sexy wife was in the naughty play mood. Ana then proposed me that we could hit a bar, not a local one; I should go first and pretend not to know her. Once she was there, I should try to pick up her in front of some other guys; but I would be pissed out by her. We then would see what could happen… Last year I had found a nice pub in a town not so far from us. I had gone alone; so I entered the place and asked for a drink. There were a few guys there watching baseball behind the bar. I began to chat with a young black guy in his early twenties… Twenty minutes later, my sen… Read more

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A little spade tattoo...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

Ana told me she would get a little spade tattoo on her belly. Her black lover Jamal had ordered her to get it; in order to show his friends my sexy wife was his submissive white slut bitch for black cock… My dick got hard as a rock just thinking of her belly with such a tattoo. It would keep my wife’s pussy wetter, just knowing about all those black bastards that would fuck her regularly… Ana told me while getting the tattoo, she would wear her micro skirt while using a butt plug in place. This would allow the tattoo artist to have a full view of her ass and pussy the entire time as he wor… Read more

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The club of sissies

Interracial SexShemale PornGay Male

Most people dont think such a thing could even exist yet it is all too real, some of us are owned by black dude and you wont believe how many of us there is , how many are getting part of that secret club on a daily basis locked up in the branded club, sissy chastity cage our location shared at all time we fall prey to them my story was not different from lots of other owned white boy i met a daddy on a cam site , i like his bbc and he feminized me for couple of weeks, until i received the kit he sent me to wear on cam i got on the cam wearing the cute outfit a sissy boy in the making… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 2 days ago 1,389 89%