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Oh, what a night!!...

MatureHardcoreLesbian Sex

I had convinced my hubby to spend some days at Florida’s beach. Once at a very nice resort that Victor had hired, we both ended up becoming friendly with another couple about our age; Alba and Jon. They were Dutch and really very friendly. We did night walks together and hung out by the beach together and had many margaritas at the bar together. It was our last night and we were all having fun and too much alcohol, when I noticed Victor was almost passing out. Poor hubby could not even stand up. Alba and Jon convinced me to go back to their room and continue our chat there. He helped me to… Read more

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Mother's Little Helper

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-------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi! My name is Jessica (Jesse to my friends). I'm 15 years old, slim with light brown hair, and I attend Junior High School. I live with my parents in the suburbs. It's quiet compared to the city, and my Mom really likes that. My Dad is a contractor for the city and has to drive out there every weekday. The trip takes a couple of hours… Read more

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My own Fembot made me a Beta Male

Lesbian SexMature

I had been working for a major robotic industry, not only designing them, but helping build many of them. Everything was perfect, I had obtained the position right out of college, advanced quickly up through the company, until finally I was in charge of the entire department, but then the board of directors wanted more zero’s added to their bottom line, even though we were the top sales company in the nation with ideas of how to grow our customer base more even possibly doubling it in the next ten years. Looking back now, I t… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 84

Lesbian SexBDSMGroup Sex

That Sunday was the coldest day of the season so far, and Jessica stayed in bed late into the morning, keeping herself warm with Marie on one side and Jane on the other. When she finally rose, she found an email from Serena, who had decided to open the yoga studio (normally closed on Sundays) for an “exclusive hot yoga session.” This perked Jessica right up; she simply could not imagine a better way to spend the afternoon. After a leisurely breakfast she, Marie, and Jane arrived at the studio just after noon to find it filled with familiar faces and beautiful bodies. Serena was there, of cour… Read more

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Turned Another Straight House Wife Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

"Please don't make me do this," Nancy pleaded, her gorgeous green eyes filling with tears. "I'm not making you do anything," I told my pretty neighbor, leaning back into the couch, legs spread, waiting for my show. I was ready, wearing only panties and a bra. Her eyes flickered to the side, once again taking in the collage of pictures on the coffee table. "You know that if John ever saw those pictures he'd kill me." "So am I supposed to lie to him?" I asked her, pointedly. She stood quietly, firming her resolve. "One lap-dance, and you'll give me all the copies of those pictures, and we'… Read more

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My First Time With Her - Full Story

HardcoreGroup SexLesbian Sex

I’ve never had much luck meeting women online. Most of the time we’d text but it doesn’t often get beyond that. The ones I have met there was no connection or they weren’t interested in me. I’ve almost given up but I thought I’d give it one more shot. And then one day I saw her profile. She had some pictures that were both cute and sexy, and the humor in her profile made me laugh. I don’t know what it was but I found myself scrolling through her pictures over and over again. It took me a few days before I could draw up the courage to send her a message. I was anxious waiting to see if she woul… Read more

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The Alleycats (A Lesbian Tale)

Lesbian SexMasturbationMature

THE ALLEYCATS (A Lesbian Tale) Note: This story takes place in a European city which exists only in my mind. It has the atmosphere of Amsterdam’s Red-Light district, also of London’s Soho and St.Denis street in Paris. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually, it wasn’t really an alley but rather a narrow pedestrian street. There were many of these in that district which occupied a part of downtown which was full of office workers during the day. At night, very few tourists would wander through this tough neighbourho… Read more

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Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 12

Lesbian SexInterracial SexVoyeur

Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde) a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van ******* Chapter twelve - Marriage and Work in Nevada *******​ Since the surprise visit of Robert and Heidi to his office, Dale had heard nothing more from either of them. He wasn't unduly concerned for he was very much aware of Robert's tendency of being a control-freak and the lack of contact just another example of 'her master' demonstrating the influence that he now held over his wife. Indeed, he was more surprised that he had been allowed to see Jacqui/Heidi/'Slave Cumquat' at all (not onc… Read more

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Taking Control

Lesbian SexHardcore

Sitting in the dark I watched my Leanne and Adrianna making out in the kitchen. Adrianna is our neighbour a tall blonde with big tits and long legs. She lives next door ,with her 20 year old daughter Zoey, divorced two years ago, dresses in revealing tops and short skirts and high heels. Leanne is 26 and I are 20, got married after graduation, and moved here a month ago. Leanne is bi sexual and has a mommy fetish. She likes seducing mature sexy feminine women who are sexually frustrated. Adrianna had come over for dinner to keep Leanne company as I was at work. Actually I was in the reception… Read more

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Stacey's Awekening - part 3

AnalLesbian Sex

To follow the story please pick up on the previous parts of the series. https://xhamster.com/stories/staceys-awakening-part-1-10051251 https://xhamster.com/stories/staceys-awakening-part-2-10052324 Our heroin descends deeper and deeper in a web of lies, lust and filth,..... Chapter 5 : Tiffany Stacey lay on her bed, her mind blowing orgasm was still glowing throughout her entire body. As her breathing slowly came to a more normal rhythm, she tried to go over the last 24 hours. And realized that ever since she arrived in Austin her life has been a roller coaster of emotions.… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 83

Lesbian SexGroup SexBDSM

It wasn’t easy for Olivia to make Mimi come; she was at an awkward angle, didn’t have the use of her hands, and couldn’t see a thing – not to mention that she kept getting distracted by Sylvia tanning her ass and thighs with the riding crop. But she eventually did it, and was rewarded with a very satisfying series of shuddering moans, along with fingernail marks on her shoulder that would remain visible for more than a week. Mimi took a minute to rest and pour herself a new glass of Champagne, but she was far from finished with the two cheerleaders. She pulled Olivia down off the sofa and ont… Read more

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THE BARN (A Lesbian Tale) Madeleine hadn’t seen Roberta in years, many years. She parked her car in the driveway of her mother’s house. It would take awhile for her to call it HER house. Her mother had died and left her the house, since there were no other c***dren. She was happy to see that the barn was still standing a hundred feet behind the large brick house surrounded by a veranda. Roberta was sitting on the stairs to the front door. At least Madeleine assumed it was Roberta. The real estate agent had told Madeleine that a woman she had known would be greeting her. She was too far away to… Read more

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First Time Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

It started out as a normal girl's night out. The typical dinner and drinks. As everyone said their good nights, Christi asked me if I wanted to go back to her house and hang out. Of course, I was in. The alternative was back to my house with a chaos of k**s, my limp dick husband and the pets. We tiptoed into her house trying not to wake anyone, both tipsy and giggly. It felt like high school all over again. She grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. Then, we escaped to her back porch. We continued drinking wine and sharing memories, singing along to the radio set on low volume. The later… Read more

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Box Office Bang! (P7).

Lesbian SexFetishHumor

Gemma certainly didn't waste any time; no sooner were we out of the carpark and she was fumbling impatiently for my cock! We were in the back seat of the 4x4 and Redhead was driving, "We'll be there in about 20 minutes..." she craned her neck and called over her shoulder, "Don't go making the old bastard cum, you little tart...I want all his man-fat for myself, this time"! Gemma, who was licking my cock said, "Don't worry, Miss...just making sure that he's nice and hard for you"! I noticed that her tongue was quite long as she ran it slowly up and down… Read more

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Happy Lingerie Shop

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Situation Trigger to Fantasy Conversion and Perversion at the Happy Lingerie Shop Starting situation: Your cock is hard, looking at the girl's panties on display in the window, next to the slips, girdles, and stockings. The sale woman comes out to greet you and invites you in to try some on. You are not interested but go anyway. Joan the sales lady came out of the store to put up a sign at the curb advertising their latest lingerie collection sale. She noticed me from behind looking into her window that had many sorts of panties, bras, girdles, slips, and hose on display. The window could h… Read more

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I like Pussy Too Lesbian

FetishLesbian Sex

I love how today's older people complain that today's generation are all sluts. I mean, we are, but so were our parents and presumably our grandparents (although I'm not a big fan of thinking of grandma being a slut back in the day). The point is, although I wasn't a slut who fucked just anybody, I was very cock hungry when I was eighteen as was my best friend Kelly...although she was more of a fuck em' and leave them sort of gal. I had been dating Kevin for a few months and had been strictly a one cock, three holes type of girl (my first ass fuck at the hands and cock of Kevin after a little… Read more

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Mrs. Dora's Adventure (Part II)

HardcoreLesbian SexBDSM

In the meantime, Ms. Dora was to receive a public television crew at her home, who was to make a report on healthy eating and all its benefits. In fact, Mrs. Dora was known in better city circles as a dedicated advocate of a healthy and natural diet. Her good friend, Carmen, a professor at the Faculty of Architecture, who had connections on television, persuaded Dora to agree to appear on TV. To Mrs. Dora, on the one hand, the whole TV thing was both a hassle and a waste of time. On the other hand, it suited her vanity, to receive at least a little recognition to her reasonable and healthy lif… Read more

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Lose GF's to BBC

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I always remember the first night Tracy introduced me to Steve. I was sat watching some boring documentary on the TV when they both stumbled through the front door laughing drunkenly. The door shook as I heard keys falling on the floor, shoes being kicked off and things being knocked over. "Ohhhhhh hi baby. Did you miss me. Waiting up. Hi. This is Steve." My girlfriend said, clearly very drunk. I looked behind her and stood in jeans and a leather jacket was a fit looking black man who was around 50 but definitely looked after himself. When he stood up fully he must have been about 6"4. He ha… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 82

Lesbian SexGroup SexBDSM

Sated and exhausted at last, Olivia, Claire, and Lexi retreated to the quiet kitchen for a cold beverage. Then Claire led the way up the side stairs to a rooftop hot tub, where they soaked and looked up at the stars. Claire lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and offered it to Olivia, who passed, then to Lexi, who took a big draw and coughed a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke into Olivia’s face. Maybe a half-hour later they heard footsteps on the stairs and Mimi’s maid Emily appeared, looking mildly frantic. “Oh, there you are,” she said. “I’ve been looking all over for you three. The mistress would… Read more

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Ann Meets Her Match – Part 1

BDSMLesbian Sex

It was now spring 1970 and Clare had just moved to a new home in the small rural town of Dunghill where she was the assistant manager in an agricultural machinery firm selling tractors and other items to farmers and servicing them. One day she went out to a farm nearby to drop of a brochure for combine harvesters. At the farm she pulled up in her blue Mini and watched a farmhand carry a freshly slaughtered Southdown ewe to an outbuilding to be butchered. Clare was met by Ann who was standing by the farm office door watching a couple of lorry drivers taking lambs to market. Ann greeted her and… Read more

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