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Mature Porn Stories

My Birthday


My birthday I am Vernon and it was my birthday, I had woken early and my wife kay was still sleeping next to me as I lay there with a raging hard on. Kay’s nightdress had moved while she slept and I had a great view of her legs and pussy, I was tempted to start playing with kay’s body but knew she needed her sleep after the busy day she had at work the day before. As I moved slowly to get out of bed and let kay sleep, kay moved and just said happy birthday Vernon and where do you think you are going? Morning kay I replied, I was going to let you sleep in for a while Kay. It’s your birthday V… Read more

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First Time wanking in worn tights Part 1


I grew up on a council estate,in a fair sized street, all boys together, playing football and cricket, none of us were sexually active, none of us talked about sex, basically we did not know much about sex Two of my friends were brothers and i used too spend alot of time at their house due too my parents working full time. There mother was a curvy lady,dark haired, quite good looking, heavy smoker, big chested and always wore tan tights and scholls, her nylon feet always caught my eye, i was fascinated with them, i don`t know why and i started to get sexual urges, i would always stare at her… Read more

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The Sleepover Pt.2

Group SexTabooMature

"Damn... right... I'm...going... to... cum!" Alex has abandoned any inhibitions she might have arrived with and is unabashedly fucking my face with her pussy. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she's rocking so hard against me that I'm having trouble breathing. Just when I think she might suffocate me, I go in for the kill shot, gently biting her clit between my teeth as I push my tongue hard against the tip of it. "OhhhhhhhhHHHHHH FUCK!" Alex screams as the floodgates open and pussy juice gushes from her wide-open fuck hole. Her clit is too sensitive now and she pushes my face away and… Read more

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My naughty Aunt.


Copied from my temporary account, nonetheless ........ TRUE !!! So, I was about 19. And as 19 year old guys are, girlfriend or not - are as horny as f*ck all the time. I was no different and had a very healthy sex life then with my then girlfriend, furious masturbation and eyeing up anything in a skirt. It didnt help also because at the time I was working in Nightclubs not only on the Bar but also on the door as a Bouncer due to my physique then. I was 6'7, just finished playing Rugby, was quite active and ate the right things etc. So, this occasion was July 1988, I was chilling at home in t… Read more

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Bryce & Lisa: How We Met. Part 2


A couple of weeks after we got home from the wedding, Lisa and I were spending a lot more time together when we weren't working, either going out on dates, or spending nights at each other's home, making love. To say we were fucking like rabbits would be an understatement. At my job, things were changing, plus I was working a seasonal job working in construction, and I was wanting something that was year-round. So I put my resume out and applied for multiple trucking jobs, and at this point, I had started to consider going back driving over the road. I had done it for a short time early on i… Read more

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Riding with a wild taxi driver...


Hubby and I had attended a very nice joyful party that evening. We danced for hours, chatted to some friends and had a good time. But as I danced with some of my girlfriends, my lovely Victor visited the bar; more times than I had expected. After a while, I found my beloved sweet man was completely “out of order”… When it was time for me to leave I found him still at the bar; so I suggested him it was time to go back home. No way was he driving us home. We had to leave our car overnight, because I had taken some margaritas also, but although my mind was clear, I was very tired to drive our ca… Read more

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Oh, what a night!!...

MatureHardcoreLesbian Sex

I had convinced my hubby to spend some days at Florida’s beach. Once at a very nice resort that Victor had hired, we both ended up becoming friendly with another couple about our age; Alba and Jon. They were Dutch and really very friendly. We did night walks together and hung out by the beach together and had many margaritas at the bar together. It was our last night and we were all having fun and too much alcohol, when I noticed Victor was almost passing out. Poor hubby could not even stand up. Alba and Jon convinced me to go back to their room and continue our chat there. He helped me to… Read more

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Christmas party.

First TimeHardcoreMature

I drove us to her Christmas party, it was in the countryside in a large barn conversion. We got there early , had drinks, it was pretty boring for me. Her two friends seemed very keen on a guy, he was dark, Spanish looking, goaty beard, open white shirt. With a woman who was petite and sat by the bar. I said I'll drive back and catch my mates in the local. I'll give you the money for a taxi. She said ok. I went to the car, the car park was packed and I was blocked in. I went back in to the party and got the dj to ask for the car with such and such registration to move his car and let me out. A… Read more

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A Brazilian dick just for me...

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

Victor had suggested we could spend a couple days sunning ourselves at Rio and then we would continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives… Just on the first day there, hubby told me he was feeling sick, maybe the sudden heat in the Brazilian weather… But he said he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy the afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun… I put on a tiny thong I had purchased before leaving for this trip. It was lime ye… Read more

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Taken inside a bathroom (By a first man)


That warm summer evening I had attended a party with my beloved hubby at some friend’s home. The party was getting a little bit boring after a couple hours, but alcohol had been flowing from early and I had taken my fair share. I was dressed very conservative; a short black flowing dress that was pretty modest. I was wearing seamed nylon hoses up my thighs and a pair of nice stiletto heels, which made my toned legs, look even longer and sexier…. After dinner I went back to the private bathroom off of the master bedroom. I was done with my business and opened the door to find one man standin… Read more

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Mother's Little Helper

Lesbian SexMature

-------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi! My name is Jessica (Jesse to my friends). I'm 15 years old, slim with light brown hair, and I attend Junior High School. I live with my parents in the suburbs. It's quiet compared to the city, and my Mom really likes that. My Dad is a contractor for the city and has to drive out there every weekday. The trip takes a couple of hours… Read more

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My own Fembot made me a Beta Male

Lesbian SexMature

I had been working for a major robotic industry, not only designing them, but helping build many of them. Everything was perfect, I had obtained the position right out of college, advanced quickly up through the company, until finally I was in charge of the entire department, but then the board of directors wanted more zero’s added to their bottom line, even though we were the top sales company in the nation with ideas of how to grow our customer base more even possibly doubling it in the next ten years. Looking back now, I t… Read more

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Bad Cop...Good Cop...


We had gone to a local bar for some drinks. I was hoping that my sexy Ana would pick up some hard cock to fuck in front of me; but, after a couple hours, she told me that she was not in the mood for a stranger’s dick; she wanted only mine… We both played pool challenging other guys; but Ana decided none of them was worth a fuck, although she teased them all night long. By the end of the night we were both a little fuzzy after so many drinks; so, as the weather was warm and fine, we decided to go down to a nearer park which was only a few hundred yards… As we got there, we left our car and m… Read more

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Hiring a young, hung and black builder...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I had planned making some building works at home for the weekend, but I assumed that some help would be necessary. As I commented the subject with my sweet wife, Anita said she knew a guy from her office. He was a builder and sometimes had done some repair jobs in their office’s building. Ana said the young man always had fancied her; so she was sure that she could get a good deal… The next day, the builder came home to talk with me about the job. Anita had not told me that this guy from her office was very young, handsome, muscled and… black… As I was speaking with him, this guy, Matt, co… Read more

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A shiny extra large piece of used rubber

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That morning, I had stayed at home, since my Boss had asked me to complete some paper work and I could do it at my own desk, without going to the office. Anita had left to her work early, asking me to do the laundry and empty the trash can in the bathroom. She sent me a kiss in the air, saying she was in a rush. I made my paper work and later I decided to have a rest; meanwhile, I could do the household. As I looked into the trash can, something caught my attention. There I could see a gold foil package and something else that I had not seen in many years. I pulled the shiny package out,… Read more

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Sexy Night Again


Honey, It was nice to chat more with Jerry. He is a nice man. He is very picky man which challenged me. He told me that he is very careful in choosing a woman. I was flattered to know that he likes me and my body. I had some insecurities about my body as my breasts were not firm as before. I always doubted about myself if he really liked my body as I had given birth already. Woman's body change once she gave birth specially the boobs. I also worried about the scar on my belly. But he say I beautiful and he is so good in bed…. Here is our chat before he come to Manila then. marissa691: i did n… Read more

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Getting my pussy fucked at the office bathroom

Interracial SexMatureFirst Time

I just got back from lunch or I can say just got back from having Ben fuck my pussy at his apartment and it was so fucken good and my pussy was still full of his cum so I sat down and started working and thinking about Ben's hard cock fucking me hard and feeling his cum deep inside my pussy and my nipples were sore after he sucked on them so much so when I got back I took off my bra cause they were sore and it didn't hurt so much and when I did I saw the marks he left on my breast as he does like branding my tits so I was working and a employee comes in and his name is Wayne and he is a you… Read more

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Rosie’s Story It had all started so innocently. Both Jon and I were quite happily married with no real worries. It wasn’t an exciting marriage and it was much the same as my own mother and fathers. Very comfortable and very settled. Jon was not a very big man and neither was he demanding. I remember telling my mother about him and she had told me “You are a very lucky girl Rosie.” She was right. It was a little boring but a I was lucky. I worked in a small office in a local factory and it came as a bit of a shock when the Senior Clerk a man called Ron started to take an interest in me. Some… Read more

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Examining A Young Man


Examining A Young Man By: Londebaaz Chohan “Next please”. Shouted the school dispensary in charge and waited a while, till the next in line boy walked in. A high school junior, cute, dark haired boy, David Bowman. In a T-shirt and only the boxers, he stood there in front of Mr. Rosario Monti. His body was twitching and undulating a little, perhaps with tension. Giving the Physical Examination to youngsters was the best part of Mr. Monti’s job. With his interest in young adult boys, he would drool while appreciating a chance to view, touch and feel the ‘Private parts’ of almost a do… Read more

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Ana posing like a filthy hooker...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That evening, my sexy wife was in the naughty play mood. Ana then proposed me that we could hit a bar, not a local one; I should go first and pretend not to know her. Once she was there, I should try to pick up her in front of some other guys; but I would be pissed out by her. We then would see what could happen… Last year I had found a nice pub in a town not so far from us. I had gone alone; so I entered the place and asked for a drink. There were a few guys there watching baseball behind the bar. I began to chat with a young black guy in his early twenties… Twenty minutes later, my sen… Read more

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