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This is a print version of story I love that adorable Sue's butt... by Anitaslut44 from xHamster.com

I love that adorable Sue's butt...

I had met Burt and his wife Sue a bar that Anita and I used to go to. We had become friends. Both guys were very friendly.

Sue was hot. A bit bubbly, but her curves made her very sexy…
After a year of meeting at that bar, they held a party at their house.
I went alone, since Ana was on a business trip away.

It was spring time and people were all outside in their back yard; most of us were just talking, drinking; enjoying the warm evening.

Sue came over me and asked if I could go with her inside.
She led me to the kitchen, swinging her nice hips as I followed her.

I looked at her nice curvy ass. Then she turned around and said to me in a quiet voice that she liked to see that I was staring at her butt; since Burt did not pay too much attention to her…

She finally admitted they were not having sex lately…

I was not sure what to say; but I finally dared to tell her that Burt was and asshole, having such a piece of nice ass at home and not taking advantage.

Sue then smiled at me and she leaned over to kiss me.
Her soft tongue entered my mouth and we were passionately kissing at the kitchen door for a couple of minutes. She broke off the kiss and said that we should make the drinks and get back outside before people wonder where we had gone.

While Sue was mixing some cocktails, I stood behind her, holding her hips and slowly grinding my hardening cock against her round buttocks. She was wearing a light summer dress; so I could feel her ass crack on my dick..

My hard on went down by the time we got back outside with the cocktails.

A couple hours later, mostly of friends there had gone and my good friend Burt had passed out on a pool chair.

Sue suggested that we could go back in the house; she said that she wanted to show me something.
I followed her, this time down to the basement.

As we got there, in the dim light she pulled down her summer dress and stood naked in front of me. I told her she had a nice bubble body; but Sue just smiled and she dropped to her knees, beginning to struggle with my trousers zip.

Her nice little hands reached in and pulled out my cock.
Slutty Sue just looked at me, winked and then opened her mouth, beginning to suck my hard cock. She gave really good head and I had both hands in her hair guiding her up and down my hard shaft.

She said she wanted me to cum in her mouth, to taste me…
As she kept sucking and bobbing her head on my cock, I warned some minutes later that I was about to cum; then she kept right on sucking and pulled me deep in her mouth.

I finally grunted loud and came, shooting my load into her mouth. She kept sucking until I went soft; then she smiled at me.

I wanted to do more, but she said it was too risky for now.

That night at home I took a warm shower and jerked my dick off, as I dreamed about having Sue’s ass for shoving my hard cock inside.

The bitch called me the next afternoon, knowing that Ana would come back home in two days. She told me that Burt had gone to visit his mother and would be out of home for the same two days.

Then she said we could meet later and know each other more.

A few hours later I parked my car around the corner at her street.

Sue answered the door wearing a black one piece nighty that barely held her tits in and left her round ass cheeks exposed.
She led me to the couch and made me stand up in front of her.
My cock was getting hard just looking at her curvy body.

Sue pulled my cock out of my pants and licked the head. Soon she was sucking it into her soft wet mouth.
She worked my cock in and out of her red lips until I was hard as a rock. Then she started deep throating me…

I grabbed a handful of her long hair and began fucking her face.

I soon could feel my warm semen rising from my balls and I warned her that I was getting close. She just kept sucking, but began to use more tongue on the head. Seconds later, she swirled her tongue around my cock head as I pumped a big load of cum in her throat.

I told her to let me have a rest; but she smiled and made a naughty sexy dance in front of me, until my cock started to grow up again…

Sue noticed my arousal and she led me to the master bedroom.

I was soon naked and we moved onto her comfortable marital bed. Then I got between her legs and she lifted her ass as I slid the tiny black thong off of her sweet body. She had a neatly trimmed triangle of thin dark hair and her pussy lips were swollen and glistening as she was already wet.

When my tongue touched her clit, Sue moaned loud, saying that her husband had never licked her down…
I began to lick and suck her clit; soon my tongue had worked up inside her, I started to nibble on her clit as I put a finger inside her.

I worked up to three fingers inside her very tight pussy as I sucked her clit, as she was breathing hard.

I put her thighs over my shoulders, as she began bucking her hips; suddenly she screamed that she was coming in my mouth.

She then had an explosive orgasm, squirting as she came…
I just rubbed my face in her juices and continued licking and sucking her clit bringing her to another wild orgasm in seconds.

I was hard as a rock very soon and just wanted to fuck her hard.

I rubbed my cock head up and down her swollen pussy lips.
I teased her clit with the head a couple of times; then I pushed and buried my cock all the way inside her in one long stroke.
Sue moaned loud, while she bucked against my body.

I started pumping my cock in and out of her; soon I felt her pussy squeezing my dick as she was having another orgasm.
I pulled out of her and ordered her to get on all fours.
I wanted to see her gorgeous ass as I fucked her.

I put my cock against her now very swollen pussy lips and slid inside of her, while holding her round hips. Sue moaned again.

I started pumping her cunt slowly but soon increased the intensity of our fucking. Sweet Sue was again moaning and panting as I began fucking her really hard. She came again, her juices flooding out over my cock.

Using some of her pussy juices, I pressed two wet fingers on her asshole. She muttered that she had never been fucked in the ass…

As I continued fucking her swollen cunt, I began sliding my fingers in and out of her very tight asshole. She loved it and soon she was coming again…crying and yelling like a bitch in heat.

I was getting close and Sue begged me to fuck her ass.
She was extremely tight, but with that natural lube; I was soon riding her ass, as the naughty babe played with her pussy.

I spanked her nice buttocks and pulled her curly hair as I fucked her tight asshole. She started to cum again and I began to unload a big amount of warm semen deeply in her anus.
The bitch collapsed on the bed and I pulled out.

She looked at me, saying we still had Sunday before her hubby and my wife could come back home…
I smiled, saying I would love to spend another wild time tasting more and more of her both nice holes…
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