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This is a print version of story Walking alone through a dark alley by Anitaslut44 from xHamster.com

Walking alone through a dark alley

I began a new job as secretary in an oil company that summer.
I used to leave my office at early evening, when normally it was not so dark outside yet. But one day in Autumn, I had my car out of order and I had to come back home by walking.
It was not too far from our home, but by night it was a bit cold and dark.
I thought to cut way through a back alley. I had entered there, when a strange sound behind made me turn around.
My heart raced when I saw two young black men following me.
They both soon reached close to me, one on each side.
"Can I help you?" I asked them, trying to show a fearless voice.
"Sure you can." One of them said smiling. "Give us everything you have".

Before I could know it, the same guy grabbed my hair in one hand and put the other one around my throat. "Do not make me hurt you." He hissed.
"Okay, okay," I nearly cried in tears. "Just please do not hurt me…”

He let me go and I quickly handed over my purse, removed a gold chain necklace and a few rings, handing them over into his waiting hand.

"Is that all, bitch, just sixty bucks?" He asked after looking inside my purse.
He looked at his friend, who nodded his head.

“We can make a deal, if you have no money."
I looked at him in the eyes.
"You suck my dick, bitch. If you refuse, we'll just fuck your pussy instead."

"Oh no, please…" I sobbed.
But he grabbed again my hair and pushed my head back against the wall.
I let out a loud scream, but he put a filthy cloth in my mouth, gagging me.

"I guess that's a refusal, so, you will be fucked instead." The tall man said.

In seconds they were ripping my clothes from my body, hurling the jacket aside and tearing off my blouse and bra.
I tried to struggle, but it was useless.
They pinned my hands behind my back, tied them with a nylon hose and stripped me off my own hose and panties in just one second. Now I was almost naked, just wearing a black tight linen skirt, which they wrenched up my body around my waist.

I gasped in pain when the other guy shoved his fingers into my cunt.
"Hey, man, the bitch is tight." He said laughing.

The other asked me: "Have you ever been fucked up the asshole, bitch?"
I started crying through my gag, tears pouring down my cheeks, when I felt he had positioned himself behind me and was now spreading my ass cheeks, rubbing the head of his giant cock against my very tight asshole.
I screamed loud through the cotton gag for help but it was muffled; then my scream turned into one of wildest pain as he shoved his full monster black cock into my tiny anus in just one deep and brutal thrust.

I could feel his huge cock was being slammed in my ass like a powerful sledgehammer. The man continued to fuck my ass with no mercy; I had never felt such pain in my life. He seemed to be like a mechanical fucking machine, sodomizing me during a long while, no signs of being tired, his hard cock growing more and more harder and thicker into my anus.

I felt him trembling and finally exploded inside my bowels, filling me with his warm semen. He pulled out of my body and I fell to the ground, but soon the second black man was over me.

I had no time even to fight. He flipped me on my back, telling me that he wanted to see my face:
"I want to see you cry while I'm fucking you..." He hissed cruelly.
Then he sank his black cock deep inside between my pussy lips in one single thrust, filling me completely and making me crying in pain, because I was too tight and dry; the feeling of excitation had not made my cunt wet.

Once his cock was buried deep inside me, he began fucking like a steam engine, never once slowing in his pace until my body moistened in protection against the damage he was causing me.
Now my cunt was wet, he moved faster and harder, gripping my hips as he fucked me so hard. This second bastard fucked me for a long while until he came at last, filling my now sore pussy with his burning semen.

This went on for a good long time, with them abusing my pussy and ass. They only spared my mouth; both enjoyed to fuck me on both ways, but no oral sex at all.

Finally, when these black bastards were done with me, they left me there naked and shivering in cold, while they moved away from that dark alley.
I did not tell my beloved hubby about what had happened to me that night.
I also refused having sex with him later at bed, saying I was feeling tired.
But, on the next evening, I walked again through that dark and cold alley…
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