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This is a print version of story Winter Vacation by Paco0909 from xHamster.com

Winter Vacation

There are eight of us. There is my wife Lauren and three of her sorority sisters and me (I’m Al) and three of my fraternity brothers. We all graduated within a year of each other and we all got married within a couple of years after college. We have been fast friends ever since. Every winter we all go on vacation together. We have been to exotic islands, rented houses large enough for all of us on some of the best beaches we can find but this year we had decided to do a winter vacation in a cold location. It takes quite a bit of effort to pull these vacations off, not the least of which is finding a house large enough with the right amenities to accommodate us all.

This year Cindy is in charge of finding just the right place and we are all gathered at Cindy and Eric’s home for the big reveal. She has the computer set up with a projector so everyone can see what she has found. It is a very large five bedroom, 7.5 bathroom house. Cindy says “This is the half bath. It has two urinals and two open stalls. Since it has no shower or tub it is considered a half bath. I think you could put our entire master suite in there with room left over.” The kitchen would make any chef envious, there is a large game room, a screening room for movies, a room with a 12 person hot tub and a couple hundred feet from the house there is a large sauna that Cindy seemed very excited about because the walkway between the house and sauna is heated so we will not have to walk through the snow. Plus, Cindy said “The house is supposed to bring out all of our wanton desires and with everyone getting older we may never get another chance to just go crazy again.”

Cindy has always been the most demure of the group and Judy said to her “Cindy, you do know that you don’t wear any clothes in the sauna, right? There is no way you are going in there with the rest of us.” Cindy replied “Look, we are all pushing forty and it is time we had some sexy fun before we all get to where we just don’t look like we think we should look. I am not nearly as much of a prude as you think I am and I can do this if the rest of you can.” We all looked around the room at each other and everyone looked like they were in agreement with Cindy. Then the guys started in on her saying things like “What are you going to do when you see Eric in there with the rest of us and all of the sudden he becomes little Eric?” Cindy didn’t miss a beat and responded “Oh, I am not worried about Eric standing out in a crowd.” This brought howls of laughter and challenges that if Cindy were blindfolded she wouldn’t be able to tell Eric from the rest of us and she said “We’ll just have to see when we get there.” Susie said “I don’t know if it is true or not but I have read that when you can’t see it is really hard to identify things you normally would be able to. Why don’t we do a simple kiss test to see who can identify their spouse?” Lauren said “That is not a fair test. Roger has a mustache so all us girls will know him right away.” Susie said “That’s okay Roger and I will run the test for the six of you just to see how it goes. Cindy since you are so sure you know Eric you can go first. Guys, no cheating. Just a kiss and no making any type of noise.” We pulled out a barstool and Roger blindfolded Cindy and then Neal, Eric and I each kissed Cindy and even thought she was so confident, she had no clue which kiss belonged to Eric. Lauren and Judy didn’t fare any better than Cindy did and then it was the guy’s turn only it was harder because Susie made it four kissed to choose from. Roger did get Susie’s kiss correct but then she admitted that she cheated because she pulled on his mustache when she kissed him. The night was filled with laughter with nobody knowing who was kissing them. We all headed home full of anticipation for our upcoming group vacation. Sunday morning we all met at the airport and were on our way to the Canadian Rockies.

After two airplanes, an hour and a half layover between planes, getting our ten passenger van, stopping at the grocery and liquor stores we were all worn out by the time we got to the house so we just found our rooms and looked around at the wonderful place Cindy had found for us and then turned in for a good night rest before we really get started our vacation Monday morning.

After a hearty breakfast it was time to go explore our surroundings and Judy has a surprise for us. She has a bota bag for each of us and says they are filled with a nice warming red wine so we don’t freeze to death. By the time we got back everyone was a little stiff and sore from walking the trails that go up and down the mountains that are all around us as well as a little high from the wine. Neal says “Let’s find out what there is to keep us entertained in the game room.” Laura says we should get some lunch first because she is feeling the effects of the wine so we make some sandwiches and grab some beers for game time.

We found some board games but then Neal finds a game called I dare you. It is a trivia game with challenges for people who miss an answer. Everyone draws a number from a bunch of tokens and then the person with the lowest numbered token gets asked a trivia question from a stack of cards. If that person gets the answer correct, they get a point and if they don’t they have to do a challenge. The game rolled along with everyone gaining points until Judy missed a question. She drew the challenge card and it said “French kiss the person indicated by this formula for two minutes. She had to take her number and multiply it by 4 and then add 6 to that answer and then divide that answer by 2. The answer turned out to be 7 which was Cindy’s number. Judy said “What happens if I don’t want to do the challenge?” Nobody knew the answer so it was decided that if a person refused a challenge they would have to take off a piece of clothing. Judy said “I don’t think I am ready to go there yet so come here Cindy.” Cindy balked for a moment but then she was told by the group she would suffer the clothing penalty if she refused. It started out as just a kiss on the lips but the guys were very vocal about calling for tongues with the French kiss. The girls got into it and by the time the two minutes was up there was some fairly strong ass groping going on with both Judy and Cindy. Susie said to Lauren “This is fun. I can’t wait for someone else to miss a question.” The challenge cards were different colors the first 12 were fairly simple things like kissing, hugging, back rubs, foot massages, etc. By the time the second group of challenges was reached, everyone had finished their bota bag plus four or five beers. Susie was the first one to miss a trivia question and after she did the math, Lauren was her target and the challenge was to massage Lauren’s breasts until her nipples were good and hard. Susie went right to work and came up behind Lauren and reached under her arms so she could tease Lauren’s nipples while everyone watched. Susie rubbed Lauren with open palms and then tweaked her nipples. She would do this for a few seconds and then go back to her palms. After a while Lauren laid her head back on Susie’s shoulder and really seemed to be enjoying herself. Susie kept changing her approach and after a couple of minutes she had Lauren’s sweater pulled up and she was working her breasts just through her bra. Everyone had gathered around to appreciate Susie’s work and then all of the sudden Susie said “I think she is there. Her nipples are trying to break out of her bra.” And with that Susie lifted Lauren’s bra so everyone could see her hard nipples. Laura said “I guess I don’t need this anymore.” And she threw her bra off to the side of the room. I was the next one to have a challenge and Susie had to give me an erection without putting her hands on my cock or undoing my zipper. What she did was she snaked her body around mine until she ended up on her knees in front of me. She ran her hands up and down my legs and came very close to touching me. She knew I was getting aroused but she hadn’t accomplished the challenge yet..So she had me sit in this big recliner and climbed on top of me and started to rub her pussy on my cock. It didn’t take long and I was hard as a baseball bat. Then she said “rubbing you like this is almost as good as Roger’s mustache on my clit.” Then she said “Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that.” Then the other three girls were asking him if he was really that good. Roger said “I’ll be happy to show you.”

Then the first real surprise of the vacation happened. Modest and shy Cindy said “I’ll take you up on that.” Roger asked if she was sure and then if Susie was okay with it and if Eric was okay with it. Everybody seemed to be okay with Roger giving Cindy oral sex and Lauren and I and Judy and Neal just looked at each other half in shock. Roger said to Cindy “If we are going to do this we need to get rid of these clothes and get comfortable.” He stood up and started to undress but Cindy had another idea. She walked over to Roger and pulled his belt from his pants, pulled down his zipper and removed his pants and boxers in one motion. After that she took his cock in her mouth and started to give him a sloppy blow job. Roger stood Cindy up and undid her jeans and pulled them down and we found out she was commando. He then proceeded to pull her sweater over her head and remove her bra. They laid down on the floor and Cindy propped herself up on her elbows and raised her knees. Roger dove right in and after a few minutes Cindy was racked with orgasm after orgasm. When she calmed down and regained her composure she said “Wow, that was really good but Eric is just as good.” Eric said “Anybody want to find out?” Lauren volunteered and she said to Judy “You should try Al and Neal you should do Susie.” Ten minutes later the entire room smelled like sex and every woman had had at least one orgasm. Lauren said “Does anyone think it is time the guys had their turn? It seems like they have been doing all the work.” Susie said “If you think cuming three times in ten minutes isn’t work, you don’t know how exhausting work can be.”

I noticed that Judy had been going along with everything but didn’t really seem to be into it. So I asked her what she thought of everything that had happened so far. She said “You know, we have been on a bunch of these vacations and they have all been great fun but nothing like this has ever happened before. I knew that eventually we would all be nude in the sauna and I was/am fine with that. It is actually very nice to be comfortable enough with myself and my best friends not to worry about clothes but all this has just caught me a bit off guard. Don’t get me wrong, I AM having a great time and Al just gave me two really, really powerful orgasms and I am all for returning the favor. But there just seems to be something missing. I think what we are doing is called a soft swap. You make me cum and I make you cum but no strange cock ends up in a strange pussy. It just seems too much like a big tease.” Eric asked “Judy, what do think we should be doing?” She replied “First of all I am going to give Al one hell of a deep throat, cum swallowing blow job. Then, if we are going to do this it should be a full swap amongst friends. We should all be fucked by at least three other spouses that are not our husbands and yes beyond that girl on girl and guy on guy if you want more than just the husband wife swap. I also think we should be able to have our wildest fantasies fulfilled. For example my fantasy is to have three cocks at once: one in my ass, one in my cunt and one in my mouth and if there is a fourth cock available, one in my hand. That’s my fantasy, what’s yours?” Now the room was very quiet and then Cindy said “I’ve always wanted to do two daisy chains’ one with men and women and the other with just women. I know that sounds a bit mild after Judy but I didn’t have much time to think about it but I am sure I can come up with something better.” Judy said “It’s not a contest. It is something you have wanted to do but thought would never happen. Now we all have a chance to do whatever we had a fantasy about.” Three of the guys wanted to have sex with at least two women and also watch two or more women got it on but Roger said he had heard about something called a merry-go-round. The way he heard it explained it took place on a large round bed with 5 women on the bed and five guys going from woman to woman first eating them until they are good and wet and then and fucking each one in turn. I know we don’t have a round bed here but I think we could work something out. Lauren said she had always fantasized about being blindfolded and tied to a bed and being ravaged by multiple men without knowing who was who. Susie still hadn’t told us her fantasy and she looked like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell us. Finally she said “I have always wanted to make a porn movie.” When she finished she turned beet red as she blushed and said “You guys must think I am a terrible slut.” Cindy came to her defense when she said “I think we have a room full of sluts.” Then the tension of telling our fantasies was broken and we all laughed.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with blow jobs and Judy was true to her word. She gave me some of the most spectacular oral sex I have ever had. She worked my ball sack, licked up and down my shaft, circled my cock head with her tongue and tried to suck me all the way down her throat as I fucked her mouth. Finally I could take it no longer and pulled her head in tight as my fully engorged cock went all the way down her throat. I was so far down she didn’t even have to swallow as I shot load after hot load right down her throat.

When the four of us had finished with our blow jobs we decided to relax in the Jacuzzi and figure out how we were going to fulfill all the fantasies. There was a problem though. We were having a very “hard” time being in the hot tub with four naked women especially when one hand after another found a way to touch something that belonged to someone else. Judy was sitting next to me and stroking my cock while I had two fingers in her very slippery pussy. I shifted so I could lift her onto my lap and with a couple more strokes of my dick she slid it into her waiting gash. She slowly started to slide back and forth and up and down on my now very hard member as I held her hips in place. I looked around and we were not the only ones having fun. Cindy was sitting on the side of the hot tub holding Neal’s head tight to her cunt while he was eating her out. She let out a very loud “Oh my god, fucking yes” and she slid off the Jacuzzi spun around facing Neal and buried Neal’s stiff prick deep within her as he worked her nipples. Lauren was sitting on Roger’s lap with her head back on his shoulder as he played with her tits. I could tell by the look on her face that he was as far in her as he could get as he pumped in and out of her. When I looked for Eric and Susie I didn’t see Susie and then all of the sudden her head popped up out of the water. She had been giving him an underwater blow job. She gave him a big kiss and I could see her giving him some of his cum back. I saw her reach down between them and start to stroke him and a couple of minutes later she had him hard again and she mounted him facing away from him. As they went at it he had her nipples pulled out as far as he could. I could see the girls all had their hands between their legs or pulling on their nipples and the hands that were under the water were moving very fast over their clits. There must be something about the bubbles because all the girls had very vocal orgasms as they came and we all learned what it is like to fuck a friend’s wife while that friend fucked another friend’s wife. With the heat from the hot tub and all the physical exertion we never did plan the fantasies but we still had a week and a half to get it done.

The next morning after breakfast the girls went shopping and they all came back with short silk bathrobes. We got a very nice modeling show and the girls looked sexy as all get out. The robes only came down to mid-thigh and clung to the ladies in all the right places. They showed just enough cleavage to make you want to see more and when they walked their butt cheeks were almost enough to give you a giant cock just watching. After the fashion show, the girls wanted to know how we were going to handle the fantasies especially since we all lost or swapping virginity the night before. We decided we would do it by lottery and start with a guy and alternate girl, guy until we got to the finale and that would be Susie’s fantasy to make a porn movie. Then Susie said “I have an idea. Let’s do exactly that but incorporate everyone’s fantasy into the movie.” Cindy asked “How do we do that?” Susie replied “Neal is really good with computers and we all can make videos with our phones. So, Neal if we put our heads together and come up with a script and a couple of us film each scene, can you put it together in a movie for each couple?” Neal said “Sure, I am fairly sure I can do that but do we really want to save this vacation for posterity?” Susie said “Sure, why not?” but Eric said “Do we want our c***dren or grandc***dren finding a pornographic DVD of us in a desk drawer after we are gone?” Lauren said “Maybe it will help them realize that we were real people that enjoyed each others company and we were not afraid to express it and neither should they be. Plus, I don’t think anyone here is going to ever run for some high office so what is the big deal.” We all finally decided that Roger should make the DVDs and we could do what we want with them.

Since the movie was Susie’s idea, we made her the director. The first scene was to take place in the sauna so we all went and got our terry robes and headed out to the sauna. Susie selected Cindy and Lauren for the first scene because they are the closest to the same height. Cindy and Lauren were to come into the sauna, take their robes off, place towels on the bench and pour water on the hot stones. Next they were to sit down next to each other and Lauren was to mention how stiff her muscles were. From there, Cindy was to start massaging her shoulders and back and they were to adlib the rest of the scene. After Cindy worked on Lauren’s shoulders and back for a minute or so she worked her way down Lauren’s sides and slid her arms around and started to massage Lauren’s breasts and at the same time she leaned in and started kissing Lauren on the neck. Lauren reached back and pulled Cindy’s head in tight and turned around and exchanged a very passionate kiss with Cindy. As they kissed they explored each others bodies and became more and more passionate. After a while Lauren had Cindy on her back and was eating her pussy. Cindy managed to turn in the opposite direction and was delving deep into Lauren’s pussy as well. Both girls were getting extremely excited and their tongues made their way from pussy to clit and back to the rosebud. Just as they were starting to get each other off Roger entered the scene as an observer. He watched until they both had a very violent orgasm.

It was then that Roger joined the party. When he took his robe off, he was already hard as a rock. The girls just smiled as Roger began to sample their juices licking their cunts from bottom to top and back again. It wasn’t long before both girls were cuming again. Everyone was covered in sweat and Roger sat between Cindy and Lauren. They immediately went to work on his engorged member almost fighting to see who could give him the most pleasure. Since we all were watching, I looked around the sauna and Judy, Neal and Eric were all masturbating themselves. Needless to say the scene was hot. If Cindy wasn’t sucking Roger’s dick, Lauren was and the one that wasn’t sucking was licking his ball sack. Finally Roger needed to fuck and since he screwed Lauren in the Jaccuzi he turned Cindy so he had easy access to her waiting slit from behind. While he was pumping in and out of Cindy, Lauren got to where she could lick his cock and eat Cindy at the same time. Cindy came again as Roger emptied his balls into her waiting vagina. Cindy rolled over on her back and Lauren continued to eat her pussy and she came again shouting “oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck I’m cuming again. Lauren sucked as much of Roger out of Cindy as she could and then she shared his cum with Cindy sticking her tongue as far as she could into Cindy’s mouth. After that I stopped filming with my phone and asked Susie if she could help me with my hard-on. Susie said “That was so fucking hot, I am dripping wet and I need to screw are you up for that Al?” I was. I picked her up and lowered her onto my waiting cock. I backed her up against the wall of the sauna as I held her and fucked into her with everything I had. After that we were finished in the sauna but I never did see what happened between Judy, Neal and Eric. I learned later that Judy continued to masturbate until she came and Neal and Eric shot ribbon after ribbon of their cum all over her.

Back in the house we discussed what was next and talked about things that had already happened. Neal finally asked “Have any of you ever done anything like this before? I know Judy and I haven’t.” The answer was no all around and Neal asked “What has come over us? We barely have shared more than a kiss on New Year’s Eve and now look at us. The girls are eating each others pussies and giving any man that is still for a second a blow job. Al, you and Roger have already fucked three of the four women in this room with more to come. This house seems to be some kind of aphrodisiac. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this. Don’t get me wrong. I am certainly not complaining and I really want to complete everyone’s fantasy. I just wonder what happens when we go back home. The genie is out of the bottle and I don’t think the genie is ever going all the way back in.” It was quite for what seemed like forever but was probably only seconds when Neal said “Now, let’s get back to planning the rest of the fantasies!”

Cindy said “Let’s do the all girl daisy chain next and the guys can walk in on us and we can do the two-on-ones for the guys after that. After everyone gets off we should do the big daisy chain and then Judy can be the grand finale. Also, when we do this we need to be truly passionate and not just horny, lust filled fuckers. Okay we need to figure out which guys have not screwed which girls and make sure everyone is properly laid before we get back to movie making. We started with me and I had fucked Judy in the Jacuzzi and Susie in the sauna after I stopped filming so Cindy would be next on my list. Eric had only fucked Susie so he still had to get together with Lauren and Judy. Roger only had Judy left and Neal still needed to do Lauren and Susie. Cindy and Lauren had fucked each other crazy but the other two girls had not done any serious girl on girl yet. The rest of the day was spent in the screening room watching some of a very large selection of porn that was part the house collection of movies. Supposedly we were watching porn to get a better feel for how to complete our movie but it turned into another planning session like the one in the Jacuzzi. After a great deal of very heavy petting Judy said “I have to pee.” When she got up to go Susie said “I’ll go with you and see if I can use a urinal.” When they left the room Roger slid over closer to Cindy and Eric and Neal moved in next to Lauren and me. It didn’t take long before both of the threesomes were completely nude and the girls were getting all the attention they could ever want. It was amazing how, without being prompted, Cindy was moving from Roger’s cock to Eric’s cock and was having her tits and clit worked on by the other guy. The same thing was happening with Lauren, Neal and me only Lauren was giving the guy she wasn’t fucking a blow job. All six of us virtually came at the same time. Cindy got filled with Roger’s spunk and had her tits covered with Eric’s. Neal filled Laurens hot snatch and I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but a good bit ran down her face also.

Roger said “It sure is taking Susie and Judy a long time to pee.” So we all got up and went to the bathroom off of the screening room. What we found was not two women peeing but Susie and Judy were locked in what could only be called a scissor position. They had their pussies locked together so their clits were rubbing against one another as they moved. They were both on their sides and holding on tight to the upper leg of the other woman to put the most pressure possible on their clits. They were close when we walked in so we were as quite as we could be so we didn’t break the mood. Then Judy’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started to cum and cum and cum. She was shaking so violently with her orgasm it pushed Susie over the edge with an extremely vocal set of spasms. When they realized that we were watching we gave them, an enthusiastic round of applause broke out and then everyone started to laugh. Then Cindy said “And to think before we left home we were worried about all of us being naked in the sauna.” Then Judy said” No offense Neal but I have had some of the strongest orgasms of my life on this trip. So when are some of you guys going to get together?” There were just four heads shaking no.

The next day the girls were all met in the largest bedroom wearing their new silk robes. They were laughing but also acting like something else was up. Then they started to kiss and open the robes. Lauren seemed to be getting more attention then the other three and then Cindy turned her around so she was behind Lauren and Judy and Susie started kissing her all over. They kissed her neck and worked their way down to her breasts where they lingered and then moved down to her thighs and pussy. While they had Lauren’s full attention Cindy removed a silk scarf from her robe pocket and blindfolded Lauren. Lauren resisted at first but then let Cindy remove her robe and lead her to the bed. They laid her on her back and then took two more scarves and tied her wrists to the bedposts with more silk scarves. Then they moved away and signaled for us guys to take over. Neal handed the phone he was using to video over to Cindy and she pointed to us one at a time and we started to minister to Lauren. It was our intention to torture her with foreplay and since she was blindfolded she would not know who was doing what. Eric started with the soles of her feet and worked his way up her legs to her thighs and then finally all around her pussy lips which were already starting to get wet. Then Roger and I started on her stomach and worked our way up to her breasts where we sucked and kneaded until her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Meanwhile Neal had been kissing her on her ears, neck and mouth. Then he got up on the bed and started to tease her mouth with his rigid cock. He would rub it across her lips but when she would open her mouth to suck it he would move away and leave her wanting.

We kept switching places and torturing her over and over and after a while the girls joined in with us. They were especially good at kissing Lauren to get her aroused. It would start with a very gentle kiss and then a tongue would come out and the girls would tongue wrestle as a hand would move to Lauren’s breast to harden her nipple again. Then they would move to her breast and flick her nipples with their tongues over and over. Then they would move down and lick her pussy as a guy would move back in and work on her. By now she was on fire and it was nothing but the guys again. Lauren was moving all over the bed as much as she could with her hands being tied. She was moaning and squirming and finally shouted “I can’t take this any more. Someone stick a cock in me.” It was Eric that did and as soon as he entered her she came. He settled into a nice steady rhythm and it was all Lauren could do just to hold on as her orgasms were going off every minute or so. While Eric was fucking Lauren Neal put his cock to het mouth and she sucked it in like she hadn’t had anything in her mouth in months. Roger and I were rubbing her tits with our dicks and we were all getting very close. Lauren starting screaming “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yes” from around Neal’s cock and she exploded in a massive orgasm the almost threw Eric off her. He did pop out of her wetness and at the same time shot rope after rope of cum on her belly. Roger and I came all over her tits and Neal shot his load in her mouth and all over her face. Then the girls moved in and licked her clean and starting swapping cum and making out. Cindy said “I think I recorded enough of this and joined in with Lauren, Judy and Susie in the make out session. The girls finally removed Lauren’s blindfold and untied her hands. When Lauren was free she said “I don’t think I can walk but anytime you really need a strong sexual release I highly recommend this.” Cindy said since you can’t walk; let’s see if we can make this daisy chain a square.”

They had Lauren lay perpendicular to the bed up at the top. Susie got between her legs and Judy got into position so Lauren had easy access to her pussy. Finally Cindy gave Judy access to her pussy as she nestled in between Susie’s legs. Once they were all in position, Judy got things started by wrapping her arms around Cindy’s lower torso, pulling her in close and she started licking. Pretty soon all four were eating pussy like there was no tomorrow. Everyone must have been wet before they started from watching the show Lauren had just put on with all the guys and Judy and Susie because it took no time at all before they were twisting and turning like a ball of snakes. One orgasm would set off another and then there would be a scream of “I cuming.” The girls were into it and if Lauren was jelly legged from before she was in worse shape now. Something in Susie’s technique had her convulsing with orgasm after orgasm. Finally Eric, Neal and I could take it no longer and we joined them on the bed. I almost felt sorry for Roger because he was recording all this and unable to join in. I fucked Cindy and then Susie. Cindy moved over to Neal and Susie started to suck my cock while Eric fucked her from behind. As soon as Susie came Eric shot a big load of cum all over her back. Judy watched as Eric’s dick went limp and decided to bring him back to life and almost swallowed him whole and in no time he was hard again. Cindy turned out to be very flexible. She was on her back with her ass high in the air and her feet up by her head. Neal was above her and fucking down into her. I had never seen anything like it but it was working for them. I learned later that the position is called a butter churner and I made a mental note for Lauren and I to try it when we got home. Now that Judy had Eric hard again they got into a position where Judy was on her back and Eric was sitting between her legs with his right leg over her left leg and Judy’s right leg was over Eric’s left and he was buried to the hilt inside her. It was amazing how well they were able to move together and Judy was moaning loudly and building toward yet another orgasm. I grabbed Susie and went to where Lauren was finally starting to recover. I laid Susie on her back and entered her. She was extremely wet and who knows whose cum I was fucking into. I went as slow as I possibly could as I took Lauren by the hand and had her sit on Susie’s chest facing me. As we kissed and I fucked Susie, Lauren slid back so her pussy was right over Susie’s mouth. Lauren let out an audible oh as Susie started to softly lick her pussy. Going slow had Susie coming on fast. I could feel the tension building in her and Lauren whispered to me “She’s sucking my clit and I am going to cum in her mouth.” Just then Susie said “Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes.” As she came she really sucked hard on Lauren’s clit and that sent her over the edge and she screamed “I’m cuming and oh my god I squirting too.” Susie didn’t seem to mind as Lauren filled her mouth with her love juices as she was lost in her own rapture. All this was way too much for me and deposited what cum I had left deep inside Susie.

Eric and Judy had changed position again. It looked like Judy had been riding him and facing him and then she just laid back on her back. Eric was not able to move very much in this position so Judy was doing all the work. Susie left Lauren and me and went over to Judy and Eric and started ministering to Judy’s clit as she ground into Eric. Susie is a real pro at making women cum. In no time at all Judy went off like a rocket. After everyone had relaxed for a minute or two we realized that Cindy and Neal were not in the room. We found them in the next bedroom. Cindy was riding Neal cowboy style but they seemed to be going very slow. Eric asked Cindy if she was doing okay and without breaking stride she said “I have almost brought Neal off at least seven or eight times but he lets me know that he is close so we relax a bit and change positions. Anyway, we have been screwing for at least forty-five minutes and neither of us has cum yet. This is our seventh different position. This is just so much fun.” Judy said “Bend forward and lick and suck his nipples. He loves it.” Cindy leaned forward and started to flick Neal’s nipples with her tongue and going from one to another and flicking and sucking them into her mouth and just like that Neal arched his back and shot his load into Cindy’s waiting pussy.

The next morning the girls were once again wearing there short silk robes and
we all were sitting around the breakfast table and trying to figure out how to film the eight person daisy chain since someone was always going to have to be filming. Then Neal said “I was doing some exploring on my own and I found something and put it in the game room. I have a different idea if everyone is open to it.” Since the daisy chain was Cindy’s idea, she said “So, what is your idea?” Neal replied “It was actually something you said that gave me the idea. When we were teasing you about Eric having a small dick and finding out when you saw the rest of us in the sauna, I started to wonder if any of us can identify our spouses. I know we had a little test before we left home that we all failed but I think we could do sort of a double test if you want to see what I found and give the test a try.” With that we all headed into the game room and there was a very wide set of three doors with a hole in the center of the middle door at just the right height for a man’s cock. Cindy looked puzzled and said “What is this and what is your little test?” Neal said “My idea is a two way test. All the girls leave the room and go into the kitchen and all the guys will go into another room. Then one of us guys will masturbate just until we get hard. After that we will go in behind the doors and stick our cock thru the hole. One of the other three guys will slam two books together and you girls can come into the room. You will then proceed to give the guy a blow job one at a time. Now you have to do this in the same order or keep track of the order in which you give the BJs if you mix the order up. The guy will have to try to figure out which blow job was his wife and the girls will have to try to figure out which cock belongs to her husband. After the four BJs are finished the girls have to return to the kitchen before the guy leaves the room. Does that seem fair?” Lauren asked who is going to film? Neal said “You girls will have to switch off because the guys should not be able to see anything.” Finally it was Cindy who said “Neal is right. We won’t be able to film a full on daisy chain. Let’s do this. It sounds like great fun in more ways than one.” As we went around the room it was clear that Neal had come up with a winner.

Before the guys went to another room they grabbed a deck of cards that they could use to determine the order they would “go to the hole” as they were calling it now. Neal cut the low card and went first. He went behind the three doors and just thinking about what was to come he was almost instantly hard. He nodded to the guys and Eric slammed two books together and the girls came out with a kitchen timer. Lauren would film until it was her turn and she asked “Anyone recognize that?” They all laughed and said no. Cindy went first and started out licking Neal’s prick up and down like it was an all day sucker. When she got to her head she spent time to swirl her tongue around the head before she put it in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. She would go slowly and then faster. She would work on just the head and then go all the way down to the hole in the door. After about a minute her robe fell open and Judy and Susie took that as an invitation to run their hands all over Cindy’s boobs and pussy. Then the timer when ding and Cindy stood up and backed away and Judy took her place. Cindy went over to Lauren and took over the filming duties.

Judy took a completely different approach. In an instant Neal’s cock disappeared. As it reappeared Judy wrapped her fingers around the base of Neal’s cock and slowly worked it in a counterclockwise motion as she bobbed up and down the shaft. Then Lauren and Susie started to work on Judy. Lauren was sucking on Judy’s tits and Susie got underneath Judy and was flicking her clit with her tongue. The girl’s ministrations made Judy go faster and faster up and down Neal’s cock. Neal was starting to get worried that he may not make it through this blow job when the bell finally rang and agave him a few seconds to get back under control. Now it was Susie’s turn and Judy went to take over the filming duties.

Susie started out the same way Judy did by swallowing Neal’s cock hole and using Judy’s hand technique. She was sure this would throw Neal off the thought that Judy was the last blow job and she didn’t want him to figure that out. As her time was half done Lauren and Cindy opened her robe and carefully removed it so as not to disrupt her cock sucking. Now she was doing a lollypop licking motion as Lauren held her pussy lips open so Cindy could get her tongue as deep into Susie as possible. Then Lauren switched places with Cindy and Cindy went to work on Susie’s tits. All the while Susie never broke stride as she bobbed up and down Neal’s cock. Neal was feel pressure again and thankfully the timer went ding for a third time and he got a small break before Lauren took over and Susie started to record the action.

Lauren started with Neal’s cock head. That was all she put into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around it and pushed into his pee hole. Then she very slowly worked her way down to where her lips reached the door and then very slowly she came back up and started to work Neal’s cock with her hand and mouth. Once again, about half way through the blow job Judy and Cindy moved in and started to do anything sexual that they believed would distract Lauren. Cindy had Lauren’s nipples hard as rocks and Judy was licking Lauren’s ass and rosebud. Then Judy forced her tongue into Lauren’s ass hole. This caused Lauren to really speed up her sucking on Neal’s cock. She was speeding up and down Neal’s shaft until finally he could take it no longer and he exploded ropes of cum into her mouth as the timer went ding. Lauren got up very pleased with herself because she got Neal off and she shared his cum with the other girls. They retreated to the kitchen so Neal could leave without giving his identity away.

We repeated the whole thing three more times so all the guys were thoroughly blown and sucked off. Then the eight of us met back in the game room. The conversations were interesting with the four women saying almost exactly the same thing and the four men saying almost exactly the same thing. First the girls had absolutely no idea which cock belonged to their husband but they all though the other three girls cheated no matter which girl was talking at the moment. Since Cindy went first she started the conversation and said “With each of the men I thought I knew who was and wasn’t Eric until the other girls joined me and got me to the point of almost having my own orgasm. That did it. I was done so I have no clue.” The girls all agreed that the distractions were just too much. Neal went first for the guys. He said he was sure which blow job was Judy until everything totally changed. The technique changed about halfway thru and then the next blow job started the exact same way and then went off in an entirely different direction about halfway thru. So he just didn’t know. The guys also agreed with Neal and the contest was declared no contest because there was no way to pick a winner.

I said to Cindy “You were right about this place. It has turned all of us into wanton sex fiends. Now, really, what made you choose this place?” Cindy said “I know that you all think I am a prude but really I’m not. I have just never known how to approach any of you without your thinking badly of me. So, I figured if I could get us all somewhere where our inhibitions could be cast by the wayside maybe the real me could come out and I could show you all how much I love you.” Susie asked “How did you know we would go along?” Cindy said “I didn’t. It is just that we are all at an age where I thought we could use something new and exciting in our lives and relationships. If it hadn’t worked out the way I thought there is plenty to do here and we would have had fun anyway. It did work out though. Okay I believe we are down to our last fantasy. We need to make this a great experience for Judy so how are we going to get this done?”

Susie said “It can’t be mechanical. We need to do this with all the love for Judy that we can muster because I think it might seem like a **** if we don’t put all our love into it.” Lauren said “We should start with Judy and Neal making love and then add the other guys in.” Judy said “That sounds good but I want Neal to end up an observer. Let’s start with Neal making love to me in both holes. That way my ass will already be stretched and make it easier. Do we have any lube?”
Cindy said “Eric and I always have lube” That made everyone laugh and Lauren said “You really are not a prude.”

Later that day we left Judy and Neal alone in the game room so they could make love. After about 20 minutes Neal called out “We could use some help in here.” Eric and I went in and Judy rose up off of Neal’s cock that was buried in her ass. Judy said one of you lay down on your back with a raging hard on. That was my cue because I was already hard as a pole vaulter’s pole and I laid down on top of the game table. As soon as I was in position, Judy gave me a very passionate kiss on the mouth and had me move so just my butt and back was on the table and she lifted her leg over my body. I could feel her rosebud resting on top of my cockhead. Then she slowly lowered herself until I was about half of the way in and she said “Start to fuck my ass and I will fuck your cock back.” Since she had already had Neal’s cock up her ass and used plenty of lube, she was not as tight as I had expected. In no time at all I was all the way in and then she called Eric over and told him to stand between our legs. Once he was in position, she reached down and grabbed his cock and as she stroked it she pulled him closed until he was right at the entrance to her pussy and she said “Push it in me slowly so the three of us can develop a rhythm. It took a couple of tries but Eric and I got into a coordinated motion. I would pull out as he would push in and I would push in as he would pull out. At first it was a very strange sensation feeling Eric’s cock rubbing up against mine thru Judy’s asshole wall but after a few strokes it became like he was masturbating me. Even though I couldn’t see very well I could tell that Judy had Roger’s cock in one hand and Neal’s cock in the other and her head was going back and forth between them. By now Eric and I had Judy on the edge as she was moaning loudly as she sucked the cocks she was holding. She finally screamed out “Oh fuck I am going to cum.” And, she did with a set of convulsions that sent Eric and me over the top too. Eric pulled out and came all over her abdomen and boobs and I shot hot stream after hot stream of my jiz up her ass. Judy screamed out again “I’m cuming, I’m cuming and I can feel Al’s cum deep in my ass. All this time she never stopped working on Roger and Neal’s cocks and they were shooting their sperm all over her. As she finally came back to reality she just collapsed on top of me and the girls helped her up and into a big recliner where she looked like a ragdoll covered in cum.

Susie said “That has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen. Roger and I tried anal after we got married but we didn’t use any lube and it hurt so we never tried again. After seeing that, I want to give it another try. Cindy and Lauren were looking at each other and Lauren finally said “I think Susie, Cindy and I should live out Judy’s fantasy also.” So, we did after the guys had had time to rest.

The rest of our vacation was spent not only fucking our three friends wives but we also decided that to really confirm our love for each other we should spend the night with each others wives. I think it is Lauren’s turn to plan the next vacation and we all can’t wait to see what she comes up with.
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